AGRONERI: The Ideal Irrigation and Fertigation Partner

AGRONERI: The Ideal Irrigation and Fertigation Partner | Mr. Business Magazine

The agricultural sector is one of the most impacted by climate change due to its high dependency on water. As a result, sustainable processes are surfacing as a pivotal aspect in achieving maximum productivity. Precise Irrigation and fertigation systems are the tip of the iceberg aiming to strike a balance of productivity and sustainability to help people and businesses attain exceptional results.

For such businesses and people aiming to blend productivity with sustainability, AGRONERI  has become a trusted partner across the globe for its efficient, personalized, and innovative fertigation and irrigation systems, transforming livestock, agriculture, landscaping, and the sports industries. 

Spearheading this green revolution is its CEO and FounderRomulo Neri, and I, Mr. Business, am telling you the story of how Agroneri became one of the most Revolutionary Irrigation and Fertigation System Providers globally.

How it all began?

When in university, Romulo participated in some irrigation and drainage system-related projects where he acquired a robust knowledge of this technology. One of his studies identified that the incorrect execution of irrigation systems was leading to excessive applications, leaching nutrients, and greater electricity consumption, causing problems such as damaged crops and reduced productivity.

To remedy this, Romulo founded a company in 2010 that would showcase the correct execution of irrigation technology. The company leveraged the exclusivity for each area, quality equipment, soil fertility management with conservation measures, and the precise water management solution for better socio-economic sustainability.

Romulo and his wife needed to name this company. The first thought was EloAgro, honoring their daughter Eloyse Neri. However, they later decided to give the family name to the company and agreed on—AGRONERI.

2013 was a significant year for AGRONERI as it designed and executed the largest Pasture Irrigation Project of 500 hectares in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, providing support after implementing 5000 animals weighing 450 kg. This project enabled AGRONERI to expand throughout Brazil as an expert in soil conservation, irrigation and water management, Pasture management, and production cost of the entire system.

Evolution of AGRONERI

Over the years, AGRONERI has expanded to 14 Brazilian states and the international markets of Paraguay, Uruguay, Colombia, France, and Bolivia. In 2022, after ten years of business model maturation, Romulo began expanding through franchises in Brazil to raise the company’s technological level to create better opportunities within the sector.

“A passion for achievement, ethics, truth, commitment, and Family drives AGRONERI and its values that are noticeable in its acculturation.”

Connecting Agribusiness and Urbanism

AGRONERI is a company active in the efficient irrigation systems segment, covering the agribusiness and urban planning markets. In agribusiness, its main clients include rural producers, agricultural cooperatives, and companies in the agro-industrial sector. For Urban planning, it provides solutions for residential lawns, vertical gardens, urban landscaping, public parks, and sports fields through sustainable solutions.

To meet the unique demands of its clients, AGRONERI adopts a tailored approach to each irrigation and fertigation solution. Livestock farming is one of the most attractive areas in agribusiness, led by the intensification of pastures and the de-dusting of beef production. AGRONERI uses all its expertise to scale the best solution suitable for specific areas.

To boost efficiency and favor rural producers, lower operating costs, and enhance crop production by up to 2 or 3 times, AGRONERI provides an array of irrigation systems, deciding the best strategy in an impartial way that benefits the producers without affecting sustainability.

In the urban landscape irrigation segment, AGRONERI aims to transform green environments by introducing efficient technology and automated systems with a higher level of embedded technology, reducing water consumption in excess applications, reducing electricity consumption, and providing greater thermal comfort.

Efficient yet Sustainable

AGRONERI’s solutions include products and services, innovation, technology, and exclusivity. The company’s objective goes beyond creating wetting systems. It is the only IRRIGATION company that does not have as its central objective the revenue of products, as it is concerned with generating results for the customer by meeting the water deficit with high efficiency sustainably.

Below is the portfolio of AGRONERI’s products/services:

1. The Complete Drop LIVESTOCK 

The exclusive solution that covers the entire cattle production process, from soil analysis, forage species, irrigation, water management, fertigation management, drinking fountains, salt cellars, pasture division, pasture management, gates, animal loading strategy, the financial cost of production per kilogram of meat produced.

2. The Complete Drop CONFINES

Specific for dedusting confinements, helping with respiratory health and thermal comfort for animals

3. The Complete Drop AGRICULTURE

This solution exclusively covers the entire crop production process–from soil analysis, cultivated species, irrigation, water management, fertigation management, pest management, and financial cost of production. Furthermore, it boosts the production of grains, fruits, and vegetables.

4. The Complete Drop LANDSCAPE

This solution is suitable for the production process of green areas/lawns in general, from soil analysis, cultivated species, irrigation, water management, fertigation management, and pest management. Its design aims to use water resources efficiently for residential lawns and gardens, public and private parks, and squares.

5. The Complete Drop SPORT

Exclusive solution that covers efficient improvement in water control, avoiding excess and deficit application, improving air quality in the sports environment, enabling high-quality environments for sports, and better quality of life.


  1. Drinking Fountains Project
  2. Pasture Project
  3. Staking Project
  4. Soil chemical analysis
  5. Irrigation Audit
  6. AGRO Credit
  7. Business plan

Overcoming Unique Obstacles

Lack of constant resources, not enough trained professionals with commitment, and fierce competition with much larger marketing budgets trying to sell their equipment were some of the early challenges AGRONERI faced. However, these companies lacked the ethics toward irrigation technology and responsibility for efficient water use for rural producer productivity.

To provide a perfect customer experience, AGRONERI uses the highly efficient technology called the COMPLETE DROP. Simultaneously, AGRONERI significantly increases productivity, with consequent profits of U$ 5,000.00 (five thousand dollars) per hectare net year in beef cattle farming activities. With this approach, the company contributes directly to sustainability, reducing the need for large areas with low productivity.

Global Impact

In the next 25 years, Irrigated crops will produce 80% of the food required for humans globally, according to the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations).

Brazil, in particular, has massive potential in the sector of irrigation systems. The country has 60 million hectares with water capacity available for irrigation, plus an increase of over 30%. However, Brazil is yet to utilize even 10% of this potential. Taking the initiative, AGRONERI aims to leverage all its resources to meet this demand in Brazil and worldwide through its franchise network.

Adapting to Market Trends

The ethical and responsible irrigation technology is the primary factor that separates AGRONERI from the rest. As a responsible company, it takes care of the entire production process of its customers—from soil management, exclusive irrigation projects, fertility management, highly efficient irrigation management, better water resources management, and financial viability of the enterprise.

To benefit the customers and meet their evolving demands, AGRONERI is constantly upgrading its products. It includes creating tools that contribute to enhanced efficiency for the irrigation system and collaborating with strategic technology suppliers for the ideal irrigation equipment.

One of the long-term partners of AGRONERI is North American Rain Bird, a world leader in the manufacture of sprinklers and automation equipment. Moreover, it maintains its values of Truth, Ethics, Commitment, and Family to keep the project development and delivery of solutions defect-free.

Since its inception, AGRONERI has undergone an operational reorganization to become more aligned with the client and the company on a broader level. 

“We always seek to disseminate our knowledge, aiming for the best, delivering assertive projects and sustainable solutions, both financially and environmentally, always maintaining balance for both clients and the company.”

Future of Irrigation and Fertigation

The irrigation sector is constantly evolving, and the upcoming trend could be the resale of products without technical responsibility, and such resales will automatically encounter difficulties.

We could see industries provide services to the final consumer in addition to manufacturing the products. Moreover, irrigation will align well with humanity to ensure food security and environmental sustainability. Humans are currently one of the most productive species led by technological advancements, but without water and its preservation, the future will not be the same.

AGRONERI: The Ideal Irrigation and Fertigation Partner | Mr. Business Magazine

Stats to Know

AGRONERI: The Ideal Irrigation and Fertigation Partner | Mr. Business Magazine
  • The Global Smart Irrigation Market Size is expected to reach USD 2.3 billion by 2026
  • By 2050, the area of irrigated land worldwide is expected to increase by 7%.
  • Around 70% of the freshwater withdrawals are used for agriculture globally.
  • Fertigation can increase water use efficiency by up to 50%.
  • Fertigation can increase crop yields by up to 30%.

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