America Reinstates Ban on Importing Apple Watches

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USA Restores Import Prohibition on Apple Watches, In a recent court filing, a federal appeals court has rejected Apple’s bid to temporarily lift the ban on importing advanced models of the Apple Watch, with the ban set to be reinstated on Thursday. This decision follows Apple’s appeal of a ruling by the US International Trade Commission (ITC) that came into effect last month. The ITC order prohibited the importation of Apple Watch Series 9 and Apple Watch Ultra 2, among other newer models, to the United States, citing patent infringement.

Apple had initially secured a temporary pause on the ban until a judge could rule on a longer stay during the appeal process. However, Wednesday’s ruling means the import ban will be in effect throughout the appeal. Despite this setback, Apple has devised a workaround by obtaining approval from US Customs and Border Protection to continue importing a redesigned version of the advanced Apple watches. The redesigned Apple watches will lack the pulse oximeter feature, the crux of the patent dispute.

Apple Watches Sale will Commence:

In response to the ruling, Apple announced that it will commence the sale of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2 without the pulse oximeter feature, both in stores and online starting Thursday. Customers who have already purchased Apple watches with the pulse oximeter feature will not be affected.

The import ban originated from an October ITC ruling that deemed the pulse oximeter feature in Apple’s advanced watch models a violation of a patent held by California-based company Masimo. As the legal battle unfolds, Apple remains steadfast in its appeal, asserting disagreement with the USITC decision and emphasizing its commitment to compliance during the appeal process.

While Apple continues its legal maneuvers, Masimo CEO Joe Kiani hailed the decision to end the temporary pause on the ban as a “victory for the integrity of the American patent system and the safety of people relying on pulse oximetry.” As the saga unfolds, the disabling of the blood-oxygen monitoring feature underscores the complex dynamics of intellectual property disputes within the technology sector. 

Apple ban on selling watches in U.S. with blood oxygen sensor to be reinstated Thursday

Apple is the Pro:

As the legal saga between Apple and Masimo intensifies, the tech giant’s decision to disable the blood-oxygen monitoring feature on its popular Apple watches highlights the intricate balance between innovation and intellectual property rights. Apple’s swift response, introducing redesigned models without the contentious feature, showcases the company’s agility in navigating complex legal challenges. Meanwhile, the denial of a prolonged ban pause by the appeals court sets the stage for a protracted legal battle. The impact on consumers and the evolving landscape of wearable technology remain key focal points as Apple adjusts its strategy, emphasizing compliance while aiming for a reversal of the USITC’s decision.

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