After Enduring ‘Awful’ Heat, Daniil Medvedev Advances To The US Open Semifinals But Gives A Caution

Daniil Medvedev Advances To The US Open Semifinals 2023 | Mr. Business Magazine

On Wednesday, Daniil Medvedev defeated fellow countryman Andrey Rublev to advance to the US Open semifinals, but he expressed concern that a player might “die” under the tournament’s “brutal” circumstances.

Although Medvedev defeated Rublev in straight sets, 6-4 6-3 6-4, both athletes were visibly affected by the heat inside Arthur Ashe Stadium.

The 2021 US Open champion Medvedev took two medical breaks during the match, each time utilizing an inhaler to combat the unpleasant effects of the demanding circumstances.

To deal with the profuse amounts of sweat in the energy-draining contest, both players continued to use towels throughout the whole game.

The 27-year-old Medvedev could be heard telling the camera halfway through the third set, “One player is going to die and you are going to see.”

At Flushing Meadows during the game, the weather team for CNN said that it was 93 degrees Fahrenheit, but it felt like 96 degrees. A heat advisory is in effect for the region until Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET.

After winning, Medvedev described the weather as “brutal” and said that towards the conclusion of the first set, he was unable to see the ball.

During his on-court interview, Medvedev stated, “The only good I see in these circumstances is that both suffer. “It was difficult for us both. Although they were common, there were occasional ups and downs. I kind of lost sight of the ball at the conclusion of the first set. I experimented with feelings.

“He did the same as he did when I tried to sprint and go for it. I tried to go and make him run and run and run before points because I thought, “Wow, he can’t run anymore,” but he was always there. However, we were constantly exhausted. brutal circumstances, very difficult to prevail.

It was Medvedev who was able to find the energy he needed to win and secure his place in the US Open semifinals in such strenuous and sticky conditions.

Long rallies and games made it especially harder for the players on the court, but there wasn’t much separating the two Russians, who had previously described themselves as “really close friends” with Rublev serving as the godfather to Medvedev’s daughter.

Monster responds.

The final game was a monster, lasting nearly 15 minutes before Medvedev was able to force one final error from his compatriot on his fifth match chance, capping off a triumph that took two hours and 48 minutes. As Rublev started to falter, Medvedev was able to make enough errors to win in straight sets.

After overcoming challenging circumstances and a challenging opponent, Medvedev proved why he is a serious contender for the crown this year by recovering from a break down in each set to earn an outstanding victory.

He will now compete for a spot in the championship round against either Carlos Alcaraz or Alexander Zverev, who play later on Wednesday.

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