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Every business, no matter how big or little, needs to expand its service or product to a certain market or audience. Monica Chikhani said A select group of people who demand the supply is given it based on demand. Basically, market research consists of two stages. First, as is common knowledge, some businesses don’t need to select a specific target market because all types of consumers can use their product or service. Second falls under a limited or format since they only have a limited amount of demand and a certain audience.

Both buyers and sellers found traditional marketing to be more user-friendly thanks to digitalization. Since the advent of digitization, internet marketing has become a dominant global force.

Here, Monica Chikhani discovered such an online marketing firm. MEC Workshop began operations in 1996 in Beirut, where it offered clients internet marketing services such as: online marketing, including digital, applications, e-commerce, NFT marketing, tokenization, etc., blended with on-the-ground marketing based on reliable market data.

In this interview, founder and managing director of MEC Workshop Monica Chikhani, she will discuss the company’s development and journey over obstacles and problems. 

What do you consider to be an entrepreneur’s responsibilities Monica Chikhani ?

In my opinion, an entrepreneur is everyone who works for a firm, including the accountant, business development officer, creative thinker, financial expert, and salesperson. She assumes many roles to make sure his or her firm is successful and that the goals and vision are realised. An entrepreneur does everything in his or her ability to expand his or her firm and, at the same time, serve as a mentor to all of his or her employees, keeping their spirits up by inspiring them to perform better and share his or her vision.

Would you kindly provide us a quick overview of your professional background Monica Chikhani ?

In 1996, I commenced my entrepreneurial endeavours by assuming a modest office within my Dad’s business. Despite having no money, I persisted in pursuing what I believed to be my calling. I reflect on all the obstacles I endured to get to where I am today, 26 years after I began MEC. I persisted in my belief in MEC’s goal and worked incredibly hard to keep pushing forward in what I believed by developing my talents so that I could contribute value and solutions to every problem MEC Workshop encountered.

I was always the team leader, demonstrating to the group that anything is possible with the correct attitude and commitment.

With the use of this mentoring technique, I was able to develop a strong team with links that no powerful tide could rip apart. I believe that skill plus action plus belief equals 100 percent success.

What major accomplishments can you point to in your entrepreneurial career?

My discipline has been a key accomplishment in my entrepreneurial journey. Focus can be easily lost, especially if you are your employer. But what has made me who I am today is my commitment to hard work, perseverance, and extreme discipline in how I do business and interact with clients. In light of my expertise, abilities, and business strategy, I view myself as a singular individual.

I learnt to be careful whenever I am sat at a table since I am a mix of a creative director, client relationship officer, business development officer, experiential officer, strategist, negotiator, etc. Because of this, I am able to provide value and solutions without having to say to a potential client, “I will get back to you on this.”

How do you care for your staff? What distinguishes your team?

I consider my crew to be family. Families have close emotional ties, much like my team and I have. I sincerely believe that your staff will experience a sense of belonging if you laud and support them for even the smallest amount of growth and take care of their personal professional development goals. And being a part of the team makes every team member a spokesperson for your business. The fact that we stick by each other, encourage one other, and work together to find solutions is what makes us strong, yes, us, as I am a member of my team. I helped them overcome their fear of failure by teaching them to see every error, setback, and difficulty as a chance for growth. Got the group at MEC Workshop

What words of wisdom would you offer aspiring businesspeople Monica Chikhani ?

I think strong leadership skills are a prerequisite for becoming a successful entrepreneur. And effective leadership is demonstrated by being able to act in a way that others can follow, which is why I work closely with my team to set the agenda and assign tasks.

Please provide some background information on MEC Workshop – Monica Chikhani .

As I previously indicated, I had no financial backing when I opened the MEC workshop in Beirut in 1996. Joining the company run by my father. I used to be able to accomplish anything; I was a salesperson, an accountant, and a graphic designer. I looked for the chance that launched MEC, the Badaro Phone book, since I knew I had a lot to contribute to the advertising and marketing sector. MEC opened many doors for me and connected me with a lot of leads that eventually became clients. As the company developed to rely on dial-up internet and phone conversations, I also worked with freelancers to assist me with the project.

The business proposal I was making at the time presented a challenge to me. People were unaware that I had already outperformed my rivals, who had only begun working similarly to us in 2020 with the global introduction of COVID-19. However, at that point we were the experts who were able to work remotely even without zoom. The technology we were given because of the epidemic increased the value of our services. How? Due to budget restrictions brought on by the pandemic, businesses had to discharge their staff, so we replaced them.

When clients had a full-service cloud agency operating as part of their team with no overhead costs, our value proposition and structure came in handy. Since its foundation in Beirut 26 years ago, MEC Workshop has come a long way. We have offices in Lebanon, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia, and our global workforce serves both start-ups and big corporations.

What difficulties did you first face Monica Chikhani ?

Setting up the team’s communication method was my initial task. As was previously noted, dial-up internet was seldom available in 1990. I then had to make sure that client expectations were met and timeframes were met without any delays for feedback and deliverables.

What was the turning point that led to the company’s expansion?

After a global pitch, we were awarded the Asian Football Cup logo. The Coca-Cola Asian Football Project was hammered by MEC Workshop’s pig advertising propaganda after our logo, which was given first place, was deployed throughout TV and BTL materials. In recognition of the project’s excellence and success, we also earned an award.

What are the products and services that the company specialises in? How do your services differ from those offered by competitors?

Our services and products change frequently as a result of consumer demand and market changes. And it is how we stand out from the competition. We have demonstrated that we are wholly focused on the needs of our customers. We were just a BTL workshop when we originally got started. Why do workshops? I chose the MEC Workshop to dispel any concerns about competitiveness because we put in the gruelling effort and, secondly, because we work for agencies by white branding them.

Next, we shifted to experiential marketing, providing a distinctive customer experience that begins at the client’s office and ends with their consumer.

People were made to walk the talk, experience it, and develop a deep emotional connection to the good/brand. Today, our primary services include online marketing, including digital, mobile, e-commerce, NFT marketing, tokenization, etc., combined with traditional on-the-ground marketing, all of which are centred entirely on the needs of the consumer.

The healthcare sector is very large. How are the needs of the people met by your services?

Yes, the healthcare sector is large and, as I’ve said, delicate. Such a business cannot be promoted in the same way that Nescafe or other fast-moving consumer goods are.

Additionally, as was already mentioned, MEC Workshop is completely customer-centric, so our solutions are exceptional because we understand patients’ needs, frustrations, and expectations by testing them on ourselves first. If I’m not the first one to purchase what you’re attempting to offer me, by my motto, do not sell it at all.

In my profession, building rapport with both clients and customers is crucial since that connection and mutual understanding open up a tremendous store of information that enables us to increase clients’ bottom lines. Unfortunately, many agencies and brands attempted to profit from the pandemic, and some succeeded to a significant extent. However, the cost of such programmes was borne by the patients, communities, and nations.

Healthcare is a field that should not be handled lightly, and only a select group of companies/individuals can successfully implement a marketing strategy that benefits all stakeholders.

What do you think about the healthcare sector’s digitization Monica Chikhani ?

We must accept the reality of digitization and artificial intelligence. That healthcare organisation will lose a lot of assets, investors, and clients if it doesn’t ride that wave. But in these vital times when any human being needs to feel cared for, it is equally crucial to maintain this personal interaction between patient and doctor/institute.

In addition to providing consolation, this emotional connection defines who we are as human beings with feelings, as opposed to robots. Robots cannot be made to behave like people since they are not people. God created us as a special species that no other person has been able to imitate.

How do you decide how to move the business forward with your goods/services Monica Chikhani ?

Our current work is focused on Meta advertising and marketing with a touch of MEC Workshop customer-centric personalised experience, and is based on our research and data.

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