Meet the All New Motocompacto: An Electric Suitcase Ride by Honda

Meet the All New Motocompacto: An Electric Suitcase Ride by Honda | Mr. Business Magazine

Honda is making a bold statement in the electromobility market with its latest creation: the Motocompacto. This unconventional vehicle seeks to bridge the gap between scooter enthusiasts and those who prefer an even more compact mode of transportation – akin to riding a carry-on-sized suitcase. While this might sound like a whimsical concept, the Motocompacto’s design is bound to turn heads and raise eyebrows.

The Motocompacto’s appearance may remind you of an oversized AirPods case or, in jest, a motorized suitcase.

Weighing in at 41.3 pounds, it may seem a bit on the heavier side for an electric scooter, but in the context of suitcases, it hits the sweet spot. With a top speed of 15 mph, a maximum range of 12 miles, and a peak output of 490 watts, this delightfully square-shaped two-wheeler is positioning itself as a versatile solution for short-distance urban commuting. It’s tailor-made for the modern realities of urban mobility.

This quirky scooter also pays homage to Honda’s Motocompo scooters from the 1980s, which were highly foldable but never made available in the United States. In contrast, the new Motocompacto is set to hit the market this November, and interested buyers can find it at participating Honda and Acura dealerships. What’s more, its price tag is quite appealing, making it accessible to a broad range of commuters.

Innovative Design and User-Friendly Features

The Motocompacto doesn’t just stand out for its unique appearance; it also boasts several user-friendly features. The grips and seat are reminiscent of brown leather, though the material specifics remain undisclosed. An integrated LED display offers a simplified and easily readable interface, featuring two power levels, a speedometer, and battery level indicators. Additionally, Bluetooth connectivity enables users to link up with a “clever phone app,” granting access to further customization options. Charging the Motocompacto is a breeze, taking just 3.5 hours, whether in its folded or ready-to-ride configuration, using a standard 110v outlet.

The Fun Factor in Urban Commuting

With the ever-increasing popularity of electric bikes and scooters, coupled with state subsidies aimed at reducing car usage, the Motocompacto couldn’t have arrived at a better time. This charming and somewhat whimsical creation by Honda adds a touch of Japanese ingenuity to the micromobility landscape, all the way from California and Ohio.

While some might question its speed and range, the Motocompacto’s true worth will ultimately be judged by its ride quality. Nevertheless, its distinctive design is guaranteed to turn heads and spark conversations. Honda envisions this unconventional vehicle as the ideal choice for short journeys to and from transit stops. Sure, you might attract curious glances and raised eyebrows, especially from judgmental teenagers, but secretly, they might just be envious of your unique and entertaining mode of transport.

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