Painless tattoos: A Fashion Trend or a self-made hazard?

Painless tattoos: A Fashion Trend or hazard? | Mr. Business Magazine

People had a preconceived notion about people covered in tattoos. These people were seen as rebellious by nature, or even as criminals. In the history books, men and women were covered in tattoos to depict power and also their courage and strength. In recent modern times, as the concept of painless tattoos was brought in, inked people were stopped from being looked upon as barbaric people. Tattoos aren’t for everyone as it is a painful process and some may even think of getting on painless tattoos. Some people may opt for the painful process. Each one has a choice as pain is a subjective process. 

Going under the influence of anesthesia for painless tattoos is an emerging trend that has caught a lot of attention. Tattoos have become exponentially popular over the past few years. The pain tolerance level depends from one person to another. The areas to be tattooed also is a matter of concern in terms of causing pain. Anesthesia is a medical technique that aims to induce a temporary state of unconsciousness or numbness to relieve pain during surgical or medical procedures. It involves the use of various medications, often administered by an anesthetist. 

Pros and Cons of Painless Tattoos:

Body art has often considered a form of self-expression for centuries, and the choices available to individuals have expanded significantly in recent years. Whether you’re considering body art for the first time or thinking about going for painless tattoos, it’s essential to weigh the pros and cons of the tattoos. Let’s first look at the pros:

Pro #1: You can get as many as you want:

When present for painless tattoos, you feel numb the entire time. You will never get to feel the pain that others do which could mean that you might get as many tattoos on your body as you want without any fear.

Painless tattoos: A Fashion Trend or hazard? | Mr. Business Magazine

Pro #2: A happy and memorable experience:

Via the use of a topical anesthetic, you do not have to think about the pain of getting inked, the whole process will most likely become a happy memory for you. This will lead to more inks in the future and you may encourage your friends and family too, to do the same. 

Pro #3: You get to focus on the outcome

Some people get tattoos for creative purposes and not because pain is therapy for them. If you would rather want to focus on the end product- a beautiful design that has been permanently inked to your skin- using a topical spray anesthetic might be something to try. 


Con #1: Society will not consider it as a legit experience:

After getting inked, you’re highly likely to be getting stares that give out judgmental vibes. When you share your story of getting inked with other people, it may be the case where you find it hard to relate. As you were using the topical anesthetic gel, you didn’t feel the pain. 

Con #2: You will associate tattooing with a painful, better-to-avoid experience:

No one wants to associate what is supposed to be a memorable experience with a painful one. If you have had a very painful process of tattooing, you will probably be concerned about your next tattoo session, or worse, you will avoid it for the rest of your life. Just because you used a pain-relieving gel, on your tattoo does not mean that you are equally “strong and brave” as the others. 

Con #3: It will not let you experience the entire process:

Part of the process of getting a tattoo is experiencing the pain of the needles getting inside your skin. Applying a topical numbing spray on your skin so you can skip pain might make the whole process feel incomplete. 

Painless tattoos: A Fashion Trend or hazard? | Mr. Business Magazine

Areas where painless tattoos work the best?

The general rule around the least painful places to get a tattoo is a part of the body where the skin is thicker. Due to the thick skin, there are fewer nerve endings and you give fat under the skin. This is true when we consider the opposite, the most painful places to get tattooed are the bony areas where the skin is thin or many nerve endings exist. These are the places like your feet, ribs, and spine. 


Thighs have more flesh than the rest of your legs, with lesser nerve mass. The place is perfect to get that steamy, flashy tattoo which can also be very conveniently concealed. The thigh is the most preferred painless tattoos places as it causes very little pain. The front and side of the thigh are the ideal spots to experience the least pain. 

2.Upper arm:

This is the most preferred place to get a tattoo. The size of the tattoo and the length of your sleeves a factors to consider when getting inked on the upper arm. The pain in this area is quite minimal as the number of nerve endings is quite minimal. So the pain is substantially less.


To flaunt the calf tattoo, you need to be a regular in outfits like skirts or short dresses. With scanty nerve endings, this is an ideal spot to get inked if you want to show off your tattoo to the world. 


The skin is thin on the forearm and no bones exist over here at all. This makes it an easier place to get tattooed. It is better to avoid peculiarities and go for letters instead, for lesser pain. The forearm is also one of the most preferred places for tattoo enthusiasts as it is a place to flaunt. 

5.Upper Back:

Getting a tattoo on your upper back does not hurt that bad, till the time the shoulder blades and area around your neck remain untouched. If you’re thinking about getting inked via a small tattoo, that won’t stretch across your entire back as they hit the danger spots, then the pain isn’t that intense. 

Painless tattoos: A Fashion Trend or hazard? | Mr. Business Magazine

Safety Concerns and Precautions:

1.Selecting qualified professionals:

When opting for an anesthesia-induced tattoo procedure, it should only be performed by licensed and experienced medical professionals, such as anesthesiologists, or nurse anesthetists, collaborating with skilled tattoo artists.

2.Thorough Medical Evaluation:

Individuals considering anesthesia for their tattoos must undergo a thorough medical evaluation to assess their aptness and identify any potential contradictions. 

3.Informed Consent:

It is unsaid that the individual going for the anesthetic procedure for the tattoo must understand the risks associated with it. There are a few benefits and alternatives associated with anesthesia-assisted tattoos. The individual should give informed consent based on their judgment. 


Painless tattoos are a thing these days. There are various factors affecting how much pain a normal tattoo would give to a person. Everybody has a pain tolerance capacity. While getting inked, various factors matter. Things like sex, skin conditions, and tattoo replacement can affect how much the tattoo hurts during the process. An individual must be cautious to avoid these things when getting tattooed and be aware of it. Being doubly sure of the potential complications and risks with the benefits too, is a must. No stress once you’ve taken all the precautions.    

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