Apple Set to Unveil Upgraded iPad Models with Enhanced Chips This Week

Apple Set to Unveil Upgraded iPad Models with Enhanced Chips This Week | Mr. Business Magazine

Apple enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the tech giant’s announcement, expected to drop this Tuesday, October 17, regarding an imminent refresh of the iPad lineup, as reported by 9to5Mac, who have corroborated this information with their own credible sources.

The impending updates are projected to encompass the iPad Air, iPad mini, and the base model iPad, although insiders suggest that these modifications will primarily consist of incremental spec upgrades rather than substantial alterations to their designs. Given that updates for the iPad Air and iPad mini have been long-awaited, the timing of this October refresh seems fitting, with the primary focus on introducing new-generation Apple Silicon chips. Apple intends to communicate this news via an official press release.

New iPad gets a New Chip?

The current-generation iPad Air, which debuted in spring last year, is currently powered by the M1 chip. Leaked reports indicate that the upcoming refresh may see the iPad Air upgraded to the M2 chip, ensuring a significant performance boost.

For the new iPad mini, Apple is expected to outfit it with an A16 Bionic chip, providing a modest improvement over the current A15 Bionic chip. Furthermore, recent reports suggest that the new iPad mini may include a novel display controller to mitigate the jelly scrolling issue that has plagued the current-generation iPad minis during content scrolling.

The base model iPad, last refreshed a year ago, represents the most recent addition to the lineup. Its tenth-generation iteration introduced a slim bezel design, fresh color options, and a Touch ID side button, all driven by the A14 Bionic chip. While it remains uncertain which chip the upcoming 11th-gen model will employ, it is plausible that it may align with the A16 Bionic, especially if the iPad mini makes the transition.

Apple October 2023 – Everything to Expect!

As for the iPad Pro range, no imminent changes are on the horizon. The lineup underwent a refresh in October 2022, and it appears the next-generation models won’t be ready until later next year. These new iPad Pros are anticipated to debut with OLED displays, marking a significant development in their technology. Typically, Apple unveils new laptops and iPads in October, roughly a month after launching the latest iPhone and Apple Watch, according to Mark Gurman in his Power On newsletter. However, recent indications suggest this pattern may not hold true for iPads this year.

Launch Excitement:

Gurman acknowledges the ongoing development of new iPad Air, iPad mini, and entry-level iPad models with faster chips. Nevertheless, he refrains from confirming “updates of any significance are imminent,” offering a vaguer stance compared to his previous claim that new iPad releases “won’t happen this month.” In addition, supply chain analyst Ming-Chi Kuo mentioned last month that “new iPad models are unlikely before the year’s end,” potentially marking the first calendar year in the device’s 13-year history without new iPad announcements.

Looking ahead, Gurman anticipates the release of the next 14-inch MacBook Pro, 16-inch MacBook Pro, 13-inch MacBook Air, and 15-inch MacBook Air models in the first half of 2024. He refrains from providing insights on the iMac or other Mac product developments.

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