Apple’s Watch Ban Workaround Approved, but Customer Disapproval Looms

Apple Watch Ban Workaround Approved, but Customer Disapproval Looms | Mr. Business Magazine

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Apple has secured approval to modify the functionality of its smartwatches, allowing the tech giant to circumvent the US court-imposed Apple Watch ban. The approved fix entails eliminating a feature previously marketed by Apple as a health-monitoring tool for customers.

In a federal court filing on Monday, it was revealed that Apple had successfully proposed a redesign of the Apple Watch, removing the pulse oximeter function, a medical scanner measuring blood oxygen concentration. The disclosure came from Joseph R. Re, an attorney representing Masimo, a technology company based in Irvine, California, that had previously sued Apple for patent infringement.

Redesigning Apple Watch Rumours: 

According to the filing, the enforcement arm of US Customs and Border Protection determined that Apple’s redesigned watch would comply with regulations, allowing the company to resume importing the smartwatches to the United States. While the details of the proceeding are confidential, Masimo’s attorney confirmed that the government raised no objections to Apple importing the Apple Watch, provided it lacked the pulse oximeter functionality. A Masimo spokesperson commented, “Apple’s claim that its redesigned watch does not contain pulse oximetry is a positive step toward accountability.”

Apple had secured a temporary block against a US International Trade Commission ruling preventing the import of certain Apple Watch models due to patent violations. The ban had taken effect on December 26, but a federal appeals court temporarily halted the sweeping import ban on December 27.

The Apple Watch Series 9 and Ultra 2, subject to the ban, remained available for sale in the US with the pulse oximeter feature, as Apple awaited the appeals court’s ruling on its motion to block the ban. Apple expressed disagreement with the ban and pledged to take all necessary measures to swiftly reintroduce the Apple Watch to US customers.

Apple Watch Are Banned. Now What?

No Irreparable Harm Claim!

During the legal battle, Apple argued that it could suffer irreparable harm if the ban persisted, but with the approved workaround, Masimo’s attorney contended that Apple could no longer claim irreparable harm. Apple, renowned for marketing its smartwatch as a life-saving device, faced a setback in its clash with Masimo, a situation that could potentially undermine the device’s reputation.

Preemptively responding to the anticipated ban on December 18, Apple removed the Series 9 and Ultra 2 versions of the Apple Watch from stock. Sales resumed shortly after the December 27 injunction, signaling Apple’s continued efforts to navigate the legal and technical challenges posed by the ban.

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