Chromebook to get 10 Years of Automatic Updates

ChromeOS devices to get 10 Years of Automatic Updates | Mr. Business Magazine

In a recent announcement, Google is set to revolutionize the Chromebook landscape with a significant change that promises to extend the lifespan of these popular devices. Commencing in the year 2024, ChromeOS devices will be eligible to receive automatic security updates for an impressive 10 years after their initial release. This development is poised to have a profound impact on Chromebook users, providing them with enhanced security and utility.

Under the current framework, Google guarantees eight years of automatic updates for Chromebooks. However, this timeline commences from the moment Google certifies a Chromebook, not from when the device reaches the end-users. This discrepancy often results in educational institutions and businesses only obtaining four to five years of practical use from their Chromebooks due to the time it takes to purchase, set up, and deploy these devices.

Environmental Implications and Cost Savings for ChromeOS devices

The move by Google to extend the automatic security updates for Chromebooks has garnered attention not only for its potential to enhance security but also for its environmental and economic implications. A report titled “Chromebook Churn,” released by the US Public Interest Research Group Education Fund, underscored the environmental concerns surrounding ChromeOS devices in the education sector. The report estimated that by doubling the lifespan of Chromebooks, taxpayers could save a staggering $1.8 billion.

While the new 10-year update cycle falls short of doubling, it undeniably represents a significant stride in the right direction. This extended support period has the potential to save users money by prolonging the useful life of their Chromebooks and subsequently reducing electronic waste. As technology evolves, this commitment to longevity aligns with the broader sustainability goals of the tech industry.

Enhanced Chromebook Features and Repairs

In addition to the extended update timeline, Google has further bolstered its Chromebook offerings. Notably, the company is introducing updates to its Chromebook repair program, which will enable technicians to perform software fixes without requiring a physical USB key. This innovation is projected to accelerate software repair processes by over 50%, contributing to a more efficient and streamlined repair experience for Chromebook users.

Looking ahead, Google has exciting plans to roll out additional features designed to improve energy efficiency. Among these features is adaptive charging, which has already been available in Canary for some time. This technology aims to preserve battery health by dynamically adjusting the charging process, ultimately prolonging the life of Chromebook batteries. Additionally, users can look forward to a new Energy Saver mode, which promises to further enhance energy efficiency in ChromeOS devices.

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