How to efficiently strategize your time?

The 24-hour day is a universal truth that nobody can change. It is of course the same for everyone. You have to manage the time at hand efficiently, and not let it waste as much as possible. It totally depends on your skill and your time management strategies that how well you are capable of managing time. You need some amount of planning, self-evaluation, discipline, and dedicate some time to specific tasks. At times, you feel like you never have enough time to complete the tasks at hand, either in your personal or professional life. But some time management strategies may come to your save when you need to manage time effectively. 

Managing the time at hand helps you be stress-free and not get into panicky and uncontrollable situations. Time management strategies help you to be productive, stress-free and achieve or complete the tasks you are trying so hard for. 

Here, we bring you some time management strategies that will help you:

1. Plan your day

Planning the day is one of the most important time management strategies. Allot time according to the tasks you need to perform in a day and try to complete them in the stipulated time given. This will help you finish the tasks at hand and not keep any of them pending. To avoid confusion, jot down the points that are to be done, and do them accordingly. This helps to avoid confusion and completes all the tasks or at least a maximum of them if not all. 

8 Time Management Strategies That Will Help You | Mr. Business Magazine

2. Keep the important tasks on priority

When you’ve finished making a to-do list, it’s time to prioritize it. Prioritization enables you to make better use of your time and concentrate on the most important tasks of the day. There are numerous techniques of prioritize items on your to-do list.

  1. Choose the three most crucial tasks to complete and get started.
  2. Sort your jobs into three priority levels: high, medium, and low.
  3. Rank each item on your list from 1 to 10, and then arrange them in the order you like.

3. Break the tasks

One of the most common reasons people fail to manage their time effectively on huge projects is a sense of overwhelm. When you are feeling overwhelmed, it is natural to want to postpone and work on other things. Break down major projects into smaller, more achievable activities to overcome this feeling. Continue a particular set of tasks a day later if it is too much to complete the given task in a single day. Keep room for flexibility. It is easier to get started by looking at smaller bits of the jigsaw rather than the entire picture. You’ll make progress and improve your overall time management as you work on the assignment in bite-sized bites. 

8 Time Management Strategies That Will Help You | Mr. Business Magazine

4. No distractions allowed

Distractions in the work, are pretty common. Social media notifications, emails and disruptive meetings that are there to break the flow of your work are always there. But make the time management strategies in a manner that these things do not affect you much. At times you are not able to control all of them, it is important to diligently not be distracted. It is a deliberate effort and a continuous process you need to follow. Observe the things that distract you and make arrangements for them not to gain your attention. E.g. you can keep the mobile internet switched off for some time as you need to concentrate on work. 

5. Be disciplined

Discipline in terms of time management strategies is extremely vital. Without being disciplined, you will not be able to complete all the tasks in a single day that you have planned. So in order to maintain the discipline and decorum of work, also keep in mind to plan only that much as per your ability to do in a single day. Do not take up excessive work and tire yourself up. Keep some other work for the next day too. 

6. Follow the clock

Be in touch with the clock always. Keep a watch on the clock. If need be, set alarms or reminders that will keep reminding you of the timing. In time management strategies, this is one of the most important factors. If you ignore the clock and do not follow the set plan, you will not be able to complete any task on time. Managing time for the day and prioritizing important tasks is the most important part for the day to go according to the plan.  

8 Time Management Strategies That Will Help You | Mr. Business Magazine

7. Say NO when needed

Meetings can take up more of your time as they take time to get done with. The discussions in meetings go on and on, while the time gets wasted. You should know when you are not needed to attend a meeting, and when you need to be present for it. In the time management strategies, other tasks too that are not on priority can be replaced and scheduled for the next day. You should learn to say no when an important task is at hand. 

8. Keep room for breaks

In the time management strategies, do not forget to take a break. Manage the time such that you have room for breaks. Small breaks are very important in order to function properly and not be a mess. At times, you need to be completely distracted from what you’re doing and do something else totally. It will help you reset your energy clock, and replenish your mind and you will be able to function better. 


We tried our level best to cover the time management strategies, that you may need to use. An important point in all of this is to delegate some tasks which can be done by someone else too. The tasks which do not require your expertise and can be done by someone else, pass it on and get it done as per your instructions or needs. This will help you to not get overloaded with work. Try these methods for one month, see what results you get, and make flexible modifications again as per the need. More work means more dedication isn’t the ideal scenario. It’ll only tire you up. Work hard, but work smart too. 

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