Elinor Stutz- A Networking And Sales Powerhouse!

Elinor Stutz- A Networking And Sales Powerhouse! | Mr. Business Magazine

Elinor Stutz was one of the exceptional and captivating female business owners we found throughout our hunt. She serves as an example for both seasoned businesspeople and aspiring businesses.

Elinor Stutz has made a name for herself in the corporate world in addition to accomplishing a fantastic feat. You’re probably interested in learning more about her background and activities.

Let’s move on to an exclusive chat with Smooth Sale CEO Elinor Stutz without further ado.

‘Bottoms Up!’ is how I describe my sales career style. Because of this, I’m going to start with your last question and as the experience unfolds, you’ll see “my why” as I answer.

My favourite saying is “Believe, Become, Empower.”

Believe in yourself, step into your potential, and inspire others to achieve similar success! by Elinor Stutz

Two visions came to me through a near-death experience when I was lying on a stretcher with a “irreparable broken neck.” I strongly and instantly responded “Yes” as soon as the initial vision of a generic figure speaking to audiences all across the world while standing on a mound occurred. Then my entire body was engulfed in a beautiful gold light, indicating that I would survive.

The first vision vanished, followed by a second that took the form of a report card on one’s life. My left side had excellent ratings, but the right side, which was labelled “Community Service,” was embarrassingly blank. I made a commitment at that time to support communities in whatever manner I could. The gold light then slowly disappeared after blinking once more to assure me that I would be okay.

I received a lot of medication the day before surgery. I was shocked to hear the surgeon tell me, “Mrs.Elinor Stutz when you wake up, most likely, you will be paralysed,” since I had anticipated him to offer me words of encouragement.

“Most probably?” He had no idea that I would survive. I replied by utilising some of his words: “Doctor, I FULLY Expect to be Well when I wake up!” There is no rhyme or reason for what happened, but in four days you will leave this hospital on your own, he said as he stood over me hours later. The entire staff that was on duty at the time came to see me, “the walking miracle.”  

Speaking up and using my sales abilities saved my life!

To make sense of “what just happened,” it took me years. But I never lost sight of my commitment to assisting locals.

Customer Service in the Sales Environment by Elinor Stutz

I used to be the only salesperson I knew who respected the security guards at businesses and the workers in the basement. Everyone I came into contact with described me as “A breath of fresh air.”  

They were responsible for getting me into the C-Suite of Fortune 100 and 500 companies. I consistently made the males feel embarrassed because I was the top producer each year. The management gave the salespeople my new clients and tripled my quota for the following year. As a result, I had to interview for new jobs every year. It didn’t take me long to realise that the interviewing process resembles the sales cycle.

To prove that, I was at the bottom of the pecking order on teams made up entirely of men. My responsibility was to demonstrate that “Yes, Women Can Sell – and Do It Well!”  

What major accomplishments have you made in your business life Mr.Elinor Stutz?

When I first started my own business and relocated to a new city, I attended a networking event with roughly 200 other people. The entire audience erupted in laughter as I revealed that I was a sales trainer (successful in my previous hometown), thinking that a woman could not possibly know enough to train. Even worse, the women fled shrieking, believing that I was a cunning manipulator.

I eventually discovered that the three Ps—Passion, Purpose, and Perseverance—make all the difference. 

Thankfully, someone told me I needed to publish a book in order to gain credibility. I’ve discovered that because they direct us towards the better course of action, our worst experiences really serve as gifts.

‘Nice Girls D.O. Get The Sale: Relationship Building That Gets Results’, which was based on my original manuscript, was published by Sourcebooks.

The book was almost immediately highlighted in TIME Magazine, I was interviewed by ABC-TV News, and it quickly gained recognition as an international best-seller. The book was designated as Evergreen at the end of 2021. It will always be available in print because it is a classic! Here is a link to my author page on Amazon: Elinor Stutz/e/B001JS1P8S

Through my writing, speaking engagements, and training, I aim to earn a clientele that will return and recommend me to others. 

Centerstage of the project is community service. It started out by educating job candidates on how to market themselves during interviews. The subsequent book, ‘HIRED! How To Use Sales Techniques To Sell Yourself On Interviews,’ released by Career Press, was inspired by the many thank you emails for helping people land their dream jobs.

When I moved to a town where no one understood my reason for being, my passion, or my resilience in the face of uncertainty, social media saved my life. I was taught to collaborate rather than be fiercely competitive by a marketing genius. I immediately understood how to generate curiosity online rather than make an effort to sell. 

Intentionally following the wise counsel, Kred named me a Top 1% Influencer and created a page for my work: https://elinorstutz.kred/ 

Additionally, prior to the pandemic, I modified my near-death experience as it relates to business so that I could deliver motivational keynotes that consistently garner standing ovations.

Through social media, my life’s dots are now connected as I meet individuals worldwide (travel has always been a part of my life) and have the chance to work with those who share my goals.

Please Describe Your Team to Us Elinor Stutz

Without a sense of purpose, determination, and passion, I would never have achieved the success I accomplished. Why? I was mocked for being an older woman and told I would fail since I had nothing to contribute. 

But I’m the type of person that always finds a better method to move forward. I was driven to succeed on my own in the entrepreneurial path because of the mistreatment I experienced in the corporate sales environment.

I was more determined than ever to keep going as time went on and everyone urged me to give up. Sadly, moving across the country did not make it easier to find acceptance in person. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find my support online.

A blog that started as a community service has grown in popularity. The joint publication of business-related material as a sole proprietor continues to support the exponential expansion. However, I was able to connect with my remote team on the Twitter platform, who share my passion for #diversity, #equity, and #inclusion. I currently serve on the Inclusion Allies Coalition’s Social Media Committee.  

The committees are currently led by Greg Jenkins, who extended an invitation to me to join. His brief mission statement is to “assist leaders in understanding the value of diversity, equity, and inclusion to enhance team & organisational outcomes.” According to his LinkedIn page, he is: Talks on equality, veterans, diversity, inclusion, and leadership are part of a project aimed to assisting leaders in appreciating the significance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in order to improve team and organisational outcomes. Greg began working in the industry after serving in the military and being posted abroad.

We were lucky to have Nirupa Netram, Lotus Solutions LLC, join us shortly after joining the committee. Nirupa was born in Guyana and moved to the United States with her parents when she was a little child. Her commitment to her studies and the legal profession, which included her early career work as a Magistrate, is impressive. Her LinkedIn page demonstrates her dedication to Executive Leadership | Global Certified Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI) Consultant, Trainer, Speaker | Attorney Nirupa discusses business, diversity, inclusion, and leadership.

The narrative by Nirupa is really engaging and provides justification for us to think about being JEDI Ready. As we learn from her experiences, we may use the lessons to improve society and all commercial endeavours. ‘Are You JEDI Ready?’ is a possible read. Visit this link to find out if you’re Jedi-ready:

JEDI stands for Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion; humour and creativity apart. It’s almost hilarious, says Nirupa, that a sizable segment of the populace feels excluded. More suggestions for improvement surface as a result of our efforts to comprehend one another’s histories. I hope you’ll think about getting JEDI Ready!

Despite the near 180 degree difference in our individual experiences, they transport us to the same location and time. We commit ourselves to the diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts of the Inclusion Allies Coalition in the hopes of a brighter future for all.

What goods and services does Smooth Sale concentrate on? How do your services differ from those offered by competitors Elinor Stutz?

The goods and services offered by Smooth Sale are distinct from most others. Smooth Sale values openness by disclosing my less-than-pleasant early experiences and how I overcome them to develop and accomplish the things that are most important to me. As a result, I advocate being true to oneself in my books, lectures, and training in order to develop an admired brand and more easily draw in the target market.

I became philosophical in the midst of my struggles and put together a Quotes Booklet. Examples consist of

Integrity is the foundation of all you do, even selling.

The future is a blank canvas, so start creating it today.

Since everyone of us only has one life to live, it is our responsibility to do so.

My approach to selling is to listen for a deeper understanding and ask as many questions as necessary to find out everything on the prospect’s mind in order to get their respect and trust rather than to try to sell. Earning repeat and referring customers is referred to as a smooth sale.  

Tell us a little bit about Smooth Sale and what made you decide to launch it.

The treatment at the workplace was incomprehensible and plain dishonourable. I made a vow to start helping communities in general after my near-death experience. The pledge I made to myself was to run my firm ethically and on my own terms, to pass on the finest knowledge I had, and to inspire young people to take on leadership roles that are uniquely their own. Since then, I’ve carried out my commitment, and as a result, I’ve lived nearly 20 years longer as of right now.

Given that I continue to be a lone entrepreneur, I constantly smile when people ask about my staff and corporate status. Although there is a steep and continual learning curve associated with being an entrepreneur, the outcomes seem to be a Smooth Sale! I receive invites and opportunities to work with others when I give my all to communities at large.

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