Justice Department Fines Va. Tech Firm Over ‘Whites Only’ Job Posting

 Justice Department Fines Va. Tech Firm Over | Mr. Business Magazine

Arthur Grand Technologies Inc., a Virginia-based information technology firm, has been fined more than $38,000 by the Justice Department for posting a job advertisement that specified hiring only White U.S. citizens. The advertisement, posted on the employment site Indeed in March 2023, blatantly stated, “Only Born US Citizens [White] who are local within 60 miles from Dallas,” with an additional note urging, “Don’t share with candidates.” The discriminatory nature of the post sparked immediate outrage once it circulated on social media platforms, prompting swift public backlash and governmental intervention.

Justice Department Investigation and Penalties

The Justice Department’s Civil Rights Division launched an investigation into the matter in May 2023. Their findings confirmed the discriminatory intent of the job advertisement, leading to a settlement that included a $7,500 civil penalty paid to the U.S. Treasury and $31,000 in compensation to those who filed federal complaints regarding the job posting. Assistant Attorney General Kristen Clarke of the Civil Rights Division condemned the act, stating, “It is shameful that in the 21st century, we continue to see employers using ‘whites only’ and ‘only US born’ job postings to lock out otherwise eligible job candidates of color.”

Arthur Grand Technologies has yet to publicly respond to the penalties. However, CEO Sheik Rahmathullah expressed to CNN that the company “vehemently denies any guilt or wrongdoing” in relation to the incident. Rahmathullah claimed that the offensive job listing was posted by a disgruntled employee on a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) using a personal email account. The company emphasized that immediate and decisive action was taken upon discovering the unauthorized post, including terminating the responsible employee.

Company Response and Future Measures

Arthur Grand Technologies has consistently denied any deliberate discrimination, asserting that the job advertisement was manipulated by a former employee who added the discriminatory language before reposting it from their personal account. The company maintains that it prides itself on its commitment to diversity and inclusion, a sentiment echoed in a statement to WFAA, where the firm reiterated its stance against discrimination. The job listing has since been removed from all platforms.

The Justice Department’s investigation concluded that a recruiter working for Arthur Grand’s subsidiary in India was responsible for the posting. As part of the settlement agreement with the Justice Department and the U.S. Labor Department, Arthur Grand Technologies acknowledged violations of the Immigration and Nationality Act and an executive order prohibiting federal contractors from employment discrimination based on race or nationality.

In addition to the financial penalties, Arthur Grand Technologies has agreed to implement comprehensive measures to prevent future incidents. These include mandatory workplace training on federal discrimination laws, revisions to employment policies, and ongoing monitoring by the Justice Department to ensure compliance.

The case underscores the importance of vigilance and accountability in upholding anti-discrimination laws within the workplace, reinforcing the commitment to equal employment opportunities for all individuals, regardless of race or nationality.

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