Patti Brownsord- Providing Accurate Information to Make Lives Easier 

Patti Brownsord- Providing Accurate Information | Mr. Business Magazine

Market research and data analysis are two related fields that include gathering information about a certain target market or even a defined sector and reviewing it. This can contain information about your rivals or data about the things your company requires, like supply and demand, merchandise, and customers.  

Few people have the ability to gather this data and present it in a way that is simple for the investors or stakeholders to understand. 

In this conversation with Mr. Business, Patti Brownsord let us know more about the journey of the company and her leadership. 

Tell us about your business and what made you decide to launch it. 

A market research and data analysis consultancy company is called Grounded With Data. Businesses may start making better data-driven decisions by working with Grounded With Data to determine what they’re missing out on by not using their data. 

My business partner and I both have experience working in agencies where every day was different and we had to pick up information about diverse sectors quickly in order to be effective in our recommendations. We take great pleasure in immediately catching up with clients and providing them with fresh perspectives and lightbulb moments. We love hearing comments like, “Well, I never thought about it that way before.” For the freedom of being our own bosses, to work for clients we adore, and to build a team that felt supported and motivated by their work, we decided to create Grounded With Data. 

What goods or services does Grounded With Data concentrate on? How do your services differ from those offered by competitors Patti Brownsord? 

Typically, Grounded With Data works with clients who are still learning about data and its applications. In addition to building up data processes, surveys, and third-party research initiatives, Grounded With Data also focuses on focus groups, asset analysis, marketing analysis, and dashboards/reporting.  

The Data Folks at Grounded With Data are Approachable. We develop reports, dashboards, and presentations that are simple enough for our clients to give to others while still making them look like rock stars because we want them to feel at ease with their data. The dashboards and reports that many consultants have created have gotten so complex that the end user discards them. We never want to squander anyone’s time, which is why we urge our clients to use it. 

The majority of the non-profits and organisations we work with approach us with an issue to solve before we begin establishing more lasting connections with them as their go-to data experts. For small and medium-sized firms, we either help them plan for growth or address their capacity challenges as a result of their rapid growth without enough planning. We constantly combine process improvements with training because system congestion and cultural change are what cause these problems.  

Tell us a little bit about your team Patti Brownsord . 

In a sense, I serve as the co-CEO, CMO, am in charge of sales, and act as the clients’ representative. My background in media, marketing, business intelligence, and general strategy has given me a distinct advantage in guiding customers towards the greatest results time and time again. 

Dr. Jack Slingluff, Jr., my business partner, is the other Co-CEO and COO and is in responsibility of the projects’ results. He has worked with sizable casinos to improve their customer satisfaction. He is knowledgeable at conducting focus groups, surveys, and major market research projects. He also enjoys complex statistics. 

We always assemble a team of senior leaders and imaginative thinkers from many generations and backgrounds when we take on market research assignments to aid in the development of cooperative reports. It constantly produces original insights that excite our clients.  

An executive administrator works with Jack and me at Grounded With Data. She also serves as our editor and gut-checker to make sure that we never come across as unprofessional to customers. We also employ a project manager who serves as our senior market analyst. Additionally, we collaborate with a variety of different friends on our initiatives involving market research, data integration, data analysis, and data visualisation. Depending on the task, we bring them in as needed. 

Tell us a little bit about your professional background Patti Brownsord.  

I worked as a media planner and supervisor for seven and a half years at an advertising agency. My favourite customer for the agency—which we eventually renamed Florida’s Historic Coast—was the St. Augustine-Ponte Vedra Visitor and Convention Bureau. 

I oversaw the neighborhood’s digital billboards for Clear Channel Outdoor after completing my master’s degree at the University of Central Florida in Orlando. I had a greater appreciation of the significance of money for small businesses as a result of this experience, and I made friends with many of the non-profit organisations I helped raise money for by including them on my digital message boards. After that, I worked briefly as a media director for JWT Inside, the recruiting arm of J. Walter Thompson. 

At the AAA National Office in Heathrow, Florida, I later left the media to work in business intelligence. As the Association Strategy & Special Projects Manager, I was given a crash lesson in effective data visualisation and dashboarding before being transferred to the Strategy, Insights & Experience division. My understanding of strategy, goal-setting for Grounded With Data, and leadership improved as a result of this position. They requested me to work on a few items for them since no one else could when I left JWT Inside for AAA. I obeyed and established this business! In July 2021, I was finally able to work full-time. 

What major accomplishments Do have you made in your business life – Patti Brownsord

The Orange County Regional History Centre recognised my work for its media strategy and data analysis, which was my first accomplishment. This contract was the first one we got that wasn’t a pick-up job from one of my previous clients. The second accomplishment was winning the data analysis and market research contest from the Winter Park Health Foundation. They are now our most cherished and oldest customer. They keep discovering new things that we can assist with, which makes us quite happy. The third accomplishment was my ability to quit my corporate job and launch a successful side business. We’re thriving, but we still have a long way to go before we’re massively successful. 

Patti Brownsord Do you have any memorable client experiences you could share? 

We enjoy collaborating with foundations since they offer funding that can boost the development of numerous nonprofit organisations and people. Because of the positive effects they have on the community, we adore working with nonprofits. And we prefer working with small and medium-sized businesses because when they expand and succeed, their staff is happier, which benefits the community as a whole. 

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