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We discover SevenSix’s cutting-edge and unique services when looking for entrepreneurial businesses. They are one of the top visionaries, providing unmatched services to improve your performance and surpass all others.

They include cutting-edge technology, such artificial intelligence (AI), into their services, which provides immediate and in-depth feedback about your game, strokes, accuracy, and much more. They are empowering both experts and amateurs to use this to raise their game and consistently provide their finest work.

During a conversation with Trond Kittelsen, the CEO of SevenSix. Let’s learn more about SevenSix, the inspiration for his innovative business, its offerings, and his career path.

Tell us about SevenSix and what made you decide to launch it.

At the 2016 French Open in Paris, a chance encounter gave rise to the concept for SevenSix tennis. One of the world’s top technical tennis coaches and I met. He took me inside Roland Garros to the centre of the tournament where he played with the top female tennis players of the day. My entrepreneur DNA was sparked by his account of the chances and obstacles he faced while scaling his tennis tutoring expertise.

This last weekend gave me the motivation I needed to find a fresh, entertaining method of teaching tennis students how to play better. We developed SevenSix tennis over the course of the following six months, and I left my position as director of a telecom firm in Norway.  

Being a tennis player and tennis dad myself, I found that the equipment and instruction were not really interesting. I also wanted to provide tennis players with the opportunity to receive visualised coaching from the top tennis teachers in the world. This has only been a possibility in the past for those with large coaching staffs and tech labs.   

What are the goods and services that SevenSix specialises in? How do your services differ from those offered by competitors?

There was no alternative idea when we started developing SevenSix that could offer immediate technical feedback on your game without requiring you to be in a lab with sensors, pricey cameras, and instructors. There were some excellent applications available, but they required coaches to draw lines, explain the technique, and then email the application back. The available items were also more difficult to scale and monetize. 

SevenSix proposed that with only an iPhone, we could create AI software that was supported by the expertise of the top tennis teachers in the world.

We have access to AI and computer vision technologies, as well as increasingly improved mobile cameras, thanks to a perfect storm that was brewing. We were able to scale the technology globally using a mobile-first strategy thanks to cloud computing.  

So, in March 2020, technology enabled us to confirm our initial theory that we could help 50 million tennis players advance through easily available, inexpensive world-class AI-powered video instruction.  

Being the first in the world to apply AI to help tennis players and coaches quickly improve technique gives us a competitive advantage. To calculate rotation in time and space, the concept is based on artificial intelligence (AI), computer vision, machine learning, acoustic physics, and sophisticated mathematics.

To allow on-device processing, we have also been collaborating closely with Apple’s engineers. This offers us an advantage when creating racket and ball detection because it cuts the processing time by 70%.   

Although the technology is extremely sophisticated, we have worked hard to make the app user-friendly for the tennis mainstream market.

Tell us a little more about the SevenSix crew.

Our best asset is our team! A few years ago, we looked for the smartest person to address our technological problems. We made a few attempts before failing. We didn’t make the technological advance until we located the right individuals at the right place at the right time.

Only 5 members make up our core group. They are incredibly creative, relatively young, and have experience developing music and gaming apps. They have a varied history in AI and machine learning in the health sector. We three are also quite enthusiastic tennis players. 

Please keep in mind that no other company has done what we are doing, and that before we reached the sweet spot in terms of both the technological setup and the commercial side, we spent many years in research and development mode, as well as attempting and failing.

SevenSix is set up as a hybrid team with satellite offices in a number of places across the globe. Rather than working in large, expensive offices, we do it in collaborative spaces where we can learn from one another and share resources. The way we work has not altered despite the fact that COVID revolutionised the globe. Having said that, we miss taking trips to tennis competitions and meeting people in person more frequently.  

I’d also like to take this chance to thank the tennis instructors and players who have contributed to the development of SevenSix. Their expertise, motivation, connections, and efforts had an impact.  

Additionally, our investors and advisory board offer important corporate, economic, and legal expertise.  

Tell us a little bit about your professional background.

I consider myself to be a successful serial entrepreneur who is also creative. I have a worldwide perspective because I have travelled the world and studied in France. Nothing is insurmountable. I’ve also solved global technology and mobile communication problems in corporate settings. I’ve had the opportunity to work with several outstanding companies, including Nokia, Motorola, Diageo, and Microsoft, thanks to my experience. 

What major accomplishments have you made in your business life? 

Being an entrepreneur means you can handle issues quickly. I think that in just one year, we have learned more than someone who has spent their entire career working in a corporate setting. There are so many challenges, chances, and tactical choices that must be made simultaneously. The moment we discovered the product/market fit is undoubtedly one of the most significant accomplishments. 

SevenSix noticed that their software was quickly gaining worldwide traction; it is now available in 183 nations and 4500 cities.

I am pleased that Wilson, the biggest tennis brand in the world, has agreed to a global contract with my modest start-up business, which hails from Norway. Customers of Wilson will be able to purchase tennis rackets in Q2 2022 with our AI Coach to instantly enhance their technique. Tennis is just the beginning; soon, we’ll add more sports. 

Do you have any memorable client experiences you could share?

Reading customer testimonials and learning that we can assist so many tennis players and instructors makes us very happy.  

Feedback Like As; 

 “The game’s greatest training software, in my opinion. Because to this software, my coworkers and I have made remarkable progress.

Marcus, Tennis Player.

As a result, we become even more inspired to carry on with our journey.  

I also become interested when our software determines that a top 10 ATP player’s tennis serve kinetic chain is not flawless, maybe resulting in injuries or a less effective stroke. It’s also encouraging to see how the top tennis teachers in the world respond when they can’t even see this with slow-motion cameras.

Which of these quotes is your favourite?

One phrase from Phil Knight’s account of how Nike grew to be what they are today, which I recently read, resonates with me. It involves questioning the existing quo. The Douglas MacArthur proverb “You are remembered by the rules you break” applies here. 

People that innovate by defying established commercial and technological norms excite me. Pushing the boundaries are musicians, engineers, sportsmen, and architects who create something iconic. A good quotation is “Pressure is a privilege” by Billy Jean King. In my opinion, demanding situations in both athletics and business provide you motivation to reach your objectives.

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