Sky Group and British Telecom – Uncovering the Telecom Rivalry

Sky Group and British Telecom: Uncovering the Telecom Rivalry | Mr. Business Magazine

Remember when it was difficult to communicate over great distances? Then, the telecom sector had a smart idea that changed everything. It became our bridge, using phone lines and satellites to connect families, companies, and people in love all around the world.

Thanks to telecom, reaching others is now much easier. Phone lines and satellites erase limits on where we can talk – we can connect with anyone, anywhere. The global network created by the telecom sector shrinks the world. Now, sharing ideas, information, and feelings across the globe is simple. It’s like a magical bridge uniting us all.

Telecommunications, like an invisible power, keeps us updated globally through signal networks. Advancements from 2G to 5G make connecting, sharing, and streaming information easier. Beyond technology, telecom binds us globally. It’s more than wires and waves; it’s the glue connecting everyone in our big global community. This industry shapes our daily lives, transforming how we communicate, work, and see the world. It acts like an unseen bridge, making the world feel smaller and more connected.

If we talk about the telecom industry then Sky Group and British Telecom are dominating leaders in this sector with remarkable backgrounds. Despite being rival companies both the brands have many similarities. In this article, we will explore the history, comparison, the market capital of these brands deeply.

History of Sky Group vs. British Telecom:

British Telecom:

1846Start of UK electrical telegraph companies.
1882Licensing of private telephone services, the emergence of NTC.
1969GPO became the Post Office; Post Office Telecommunications was established.
1979Telecommunications separated, and BT was introduced.
1980Replaced Post Office Telecommunications.
1991-1993The government privatized BT.
1994BT and MCI launched Concert Communications Services.
1997Sold MCI stake to Worldcom, ending the alliance.
2000Acquired Esat Telecom and entered the Irish market.
2001Debt crisis, BT Cellnet split as “mmO2.”
2004Awarded the N3 broadband network from NHS.
2013It allocated a 4G spectrum and launched BT Sport.
2016The brand completes the EE acquisition.
2021Altice acquires stake in BT, UK national security concerns.

Sky Group:

2005Sky UK acquires ISP EasyNet, gaining 232 unbundled exchanges.
2012It reaches 4 million customers, covering 70% of the UK.
2017Sky Broadband reports 6.1 million customers.
2013They purchase Telefónica UK’s fixed telephone and broadband business for £180 million.
2014Completes the acquisition, and transfers customers to its services.
2006Offered free broadband and call packages for TV subscribers in the network area.
2013Launched in the Republic of Ireland.
2012Launched offering faster speeds.
2014Announces rollout of 1 gigabit fiber-to-the-premises connections in York with TalkTalk.
2006-2008Netgear and Sagem manufacture Sky Broadband routers.
2010D-Link starts producing routers for Sky.
2010ACS: Law’s website faces a DDoS attack, exposing the data of accused customers.
2014Samuel L. Jackson promotes the ‘Sky Broadband Shield’ web-blocking product.
2016Now TV Combo launches, rebranded as Now Broadband in early 2018.
2017Introduced a free nuisance call-blocking service, Sky Talk Shield, for landline customers.

Sky Group vs. British Telecom Average broadband speeds:

Both Sky and BT are well-known providers that provide many services. Both companies have similar budgets that are expensive if compared to other brands like TalkTalk and Plusnet. 

Sky Group and British Telecom: Uncovering the Telecom Rivalry | Mr. Business Magazine

Sky Group:

Plan NamePriceSpeed (Average Download)
Sky Superfast 35$43.80 per month36Mbps
Sky Superfast$43.80 per month61Mbps

British Telecom:

Plan NamePriceSpeed (Average Download)
BT Fiber Essential$35.54 per month36Mbps
BT Fiber 1$41.88 per month50Mbps

The main difference is the contract length where Sky commonly needs an 18-month commitment. On the other hand, most of BT’s plans require a commitment of 2 years. 

Sky Group vs. British Telecom Broadband packages:

Basic Plans:

Basic ADSL PlanAverage Download Speed
BT Unlimited Broadband10Mbps
Sky Broadband Essential11Mbps

Superfast Plans:

Superfast PlanAverage Download Speed
BT Superfast Fiber Optic36Mbps
BT Fiber 150Mbps
BT Fiber 267Mbps
Sky Superfast 3536Mbps
Sky Superfast61Mbps
Sky Group and British Telecom: Uncovering the Telecom Rivalry | Mr. Business Magazine

Sky Group vs. British Telecom Phone Packages:

Sky Talk plans:

  • Pay as You Talk: Charges $0.30 per minute to UK landlines and mobiles, included in all plans unless you choose a separate call plan.
  • Talk Evening & Weekends: Costs $7.30 per month, offering unlimited evening and weekend calls to UK mobiles and landlines.
  • Talk Anytime: Costs $17.14 per month, providing inclusive calls to UK landlines and mobiles anytime.
  • Talk International: Costs $19.68 per month, offering inclusive calls to 50 worldwide destinations, along with unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles. 

BT call packages:

  • Pay As You Go: Costs $6.35 per month, and you pay a flat charge for calls made to UK landlines and mobiles.
  • 700 Minutes: For $10.16 per month, you get 700 inclusive anytime minutes to UK landlines and mobiles.
  • Unlimited Minutes: Unlimited anytime calls to UK landlines and mobiles for $22.85 per month.
  • Friends & Family International: Base rate of $3.34 per month with cheap call rates to 236 international destinations.
  • International Freedom: Costs $14.26 per month, includes calls to select international destinations, and offers low rates to the rest of the world

Sky Group vs. British Telecom TV Plans:

Sky Group:

Sky has one of the most wide-ranging TV packages but it also features top shows, premiers, and popular films before others. It provides over 300 entertainment channels which include Sky One, Sky Atlantic, and Comedy Central, and sports channels for sports enthusiasts which have 11 sports channels that cover many popular sports like football, rugby, golf, cricket, darts, boxing, and NFL. It also has an option where subscribers can upgrade their plan for popular OTT services like Netflix and Disney+. The Sky’s movie channels deliver a mix of blockbuster hits and independent films directly to your home screen.

British Telecom:

Its entertainment programs include various Freeview channels like NOW TV’s streaming service and over 300 box sets. Their Big Entertainment bundle provides access to the latest releases with a NOW Cinema membership. Also, its sports package includes channels from TNT Sports and Discovery+ Premium that cover a variety of sporting events like football, rugby, golf, and cricket. The Big Sport plan adds Sky Sports channels with a NOW Sports membership, providing a complete sports viewing experience. The benefit of having BT is that customers can get access to BT as well as Sky features.

Sky Group vs. British Telecom Fiber offering:

Sky Group and British Telecom: Uncovering the Telecom Rivalry | Mr. Business Magazine

BT presents three commonly available packages with speeds of 36Mbps, 50Mbps, and 67Mbps. Whereas Sky offers two introductory-level fiber plans with speeds of 36Mbps and 61Mbps. 

Meanwhile, both companies provide a wide range of fiber optic broadband packages and speeds but the options accessible to you depend on what location you are. Both providers also have full fiber packages with a speed of up to 900Mbps. However, the availability of these higher-speed plans is not as widespread as the previously mentioned options and depends on your specific location.

Download limits:

Both companies provide unlimited downloads for all of their packages which means you can freely download and stream as much as you wish, without the concern of getting additional charges.

Sky Group vs. British Telecom Customer Service:

As per Ofcom’s 2023 report, 80% of BT and Sky customers expressed satisfaction with the speed of their services, and their overall satisfaction levels were comparable. Despite this, BT customers were less satisfied than the average to recommend their provider to a friend. However, both providers received above-average scores in customer satisfaction regarding the handling of complaints. Therefore, if excellent customer service is a priority for you, either choice would be a reliable option.

Market Value of Sky Group vs. British Telecom:

As of year 2022, Sky’s brand value reached up to $10.31 billion, with an increase of $1 billion over the previous year, and the company’s total sales for the year 2022 were $18.03 billion.

On the other hand, as of January 2024, BT Group has a market cap of $14.42 Billion ranking 1163rd for the most valuable company by market capital and with total sales of around $26.46 billion in the year 2022.

Which one is better Sky Group vs. British Telecom?

When it comes to choosing between Sky Group and BT, your entertainment needs, contract length, broadband speeds, and customer service priorities will all be important factors to consider. Sky Group offers a wide range of TV services, flexibility with streaming options, and impressive broadband speeds at an 18-month contract. On the other hand, BT offers a variety of TV services, competitive fiber plans, and unlimited downloads. However, these plans often require a 2-year contract. These and other factors, along with their financial standing as reflected in their market value, will help you make an informed decision.

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