Sonica Aron was awarded the Black Swan Women Empowerment Principles Leadership Award

Earlier this month, Ms. Sonica Aron, Founder and CEO of Marching Sheep, the globally acclaimed HR consulting firm, was awarded the Black Swan Women Empowerment Principles Leadership Award. Ms. Aron is known for her unique facilitation style that keeps participants engaged and enthralled and clients coming back for more. She received the award at an event organized by Asia One in Dubai.

Started as a solopreneur in 2013 from one city in India, Marching Sheep has grown by leaps and bounds in the last 10 years, today consulting with clients from all industries and across all continents. In addition to creating immense value for clients through their curated high impact solutions and interventions, Marching Sheep engages in on ground research and non-commercial campaigns for underrepresented communities. They partner extensively with Bravesouls Foundation, an NGO that helps acid attack victims rehabilitate and integrate in mainstream society. Not only does Marching Sheep provide financial assistance to the NGO but also creates awareness about acid attacks and their impact on the survivors.

One of the most recent cases, where one survivor needed an urgent surgery and there was a need to raise INR 500000 (Approx 6000 USD). Ms Aron and her family, and the entire Marching Sheep team took complete ownership and drove the agenda. They were instrumental in raising the funds and ensuring Rima 

With the evolving narrative of diversity in the society, Marching Sheep partners with their clients on sensitizing people on inclusion for the LGBTQIA+ community, Persons with disabilities, different races and ethnicities, indigenous peoples, multi-generational workforce and intersectionality of various dimensions. As Ms. Aron says- “Diversity is a fact, Inclusion is a choice, Equity is action, belonging is an outcome. Our employees come from the society, and we truly want inclusive workplaces we need to work at both ends.” The firm is on a mission to make a difference to peoples’ lives and careers and to drive respect and equality for all through their work.

Marching Sheep believes that driving Diversity Equity and Inclusion requires a holistic, consistent, and continuous approach. They partner with their clients and co-create the inclusion strategy, drive, monitor and measure the implementation thereby truly moving the needle. 

Another statement Ms. Aron believes in- “An employee experiences an organization through their manager, and hence managerial capability building is key to organizational success and building the right culture.” Today, with evolving workforce expectations, a BANI work environment, managerial and leadership imperatives have changed. It is essential that we equip our managers and leaders to build high performance teams while balancing psychological safety and emotional well-being. Marching Sheep has partnered with Psychologists to curate high impact sessions that enable individuals as well as people managers to build emotionally resilient workplaces. 

People are an organisation’s most valuable asset, the only asset that appreciate with time, and Marching Sheep, under the leadership of Ms. Sonica Aron, is committed to enabling organizations, leaders, managers and individuals unleash this potential.

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