Tourscanner: A Trusted Travel Partner and Advisor for All! 

Tourscanner: A Trusted Travel Partner and Advisor for All!  | Mr. Business Magazine

We at The Enterprise World are interested in learning about the newest, most anticipated, and impending developments in business. And throughout our hunt, we came across a lot of businesses, cutting-edge goods and services, and trailblazing leaders. 

We make an effort to present the newest and most popular information and trends in the business world. Along the way, we ran upon TourScanner’s CEO and co-founder Simon Semprini. The most recent technical development in the travel and tourism sector is TourScanner. 

Let’s start talking with Simon Semprini, CEO and co-founder of TourScanner, right away. Learn more about TourScanner, its features, and some insider information from Simon. 

Tell us a little bit about the business and what made you decide to establish it. 

The first meta-search engine for tours, attractions, and outdoor activities offered in a particular tourist destination is called TourScanner. It functions similarly to Skyscanner and Trivago but focuses on excursions and activities.  

TourScanner is the largest catalogue in the world, with over 1.5 million deals available to search from any anywhere in the world. More than 1.5 million unique users have visited TourScanner as of this writing, the majority of them are from the United States and Europe. 

As a travel enthusiast, I became aware that there was no website displaying all tours and ticket deals for a specific tourist location. I know how challenging it may be to go through websites to compare rates or haggle over costs in person while dealing with language barriers.  

What goods or services does the business prioritise? How do your services differ from those offered by competitors? 

TourScanner specialises in tours and activities, and visitors to our website or mobile app can select the best offer from a comprehensive selection of goods provided by our partners, which include 20 different online travel agencies as well as Viator, GetYourGuide, and Tiqets.  

You won’t find a tour on TourScanner if it isn’t available when you want to reserve it for your next trip. You can save time and money by doing this. 

Tell us a little bit about your team. in Tourscanner  

Guillaume Picard and Joseph Dimucci and I founded TourScanner, and for a few years, we were solely responsible for making it work. We were prepared to grow our crew before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, but we had to wait until last year. 

In addition to a similar number of freelancers, we now have six more team members to assist us with content management, website development, and marketing. We now all work remotely and are stationed in various places.   

Tell us a little bit about your professional background. 

Due to the fact that my prior employment was in a different business, my professional expertise in the travel industry has grown together with TourScanner. My work with TourScanner has benefited greatly from my skills in analysis and research, particularly when coming up with business and marketing plans. 

Guillaume has a wealth of professional expertise in the travel sector, which has been crucial to the company’s growth. As we optimise our website and grow our offerings, Joseph’s knowledge and expertise in website development have increased. 

What major accomplishments have you made in your business life? 

Even after accounting for the effects of the epidemic, we have increased our monthly unique visitors from 0 to 1.5 million over the past four years. In order to improve our products and services, we have also grown our team and partnered with new travel companies. We have also demonstrated the company’s profitability. 

Do you have any memorable client experiences you could share? 

One of our clients, Katherine, comes to mind. She sent us a sweet note thanking us for the recommendations we made for enjoyable excursions to take from Las Vegas and praising the helpful website we had created.  

Which quotation is your favourite?  

“Things simply occur in the proper manner and at the proper time. At least when you let them, when you adapt to the situation rather than arguing that something shouldn’t be happening this way and working harder to change it.” The Tao of Pooh, Benjamin Hoff 

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