ARVIEM AG- Making Trade in the World Visible 

ARVIEM AG - Making Trade in the World Visible | Mr. Business Magazine

The shipping sector loses billions of dollars annually because of lost, stolen, or damaged goods. When technology first entered this industry, the businesses used GPS tracking devices to assist in keeping track of the whereabouts of cargo. However, as more dependable technology became available, the freight business began to concentrate on considerably more contemporary monitoring solutions.  

One such firm is ARVIEM AG. 

Let’s take a closer look at the ARVIEM AG’s activities in this interview with CEO/Founder Stefan Reidy.  

1. Tell us about ARVIEM AG. What motivated you to create the business? 

Arviem AG, based in Zurich, Switzerland, provides customers with real-time cargo tracking and monitoring services enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT), promoting transparency throughout the transportation ecosystem and enabling customers to interact with smart cc. Professionals with a passion for the supply chain and logistics sectors and an awareness of the difficulties the sector was facing created ARVIEM AG in 2008. 

Arviem’s CEO and founder is Stefan Reidy. He is a visionary and passionate about supply chains. Stefan has over 20 years of experience in the supply chain with cutting-edge technologies and business concepts, which he has gained from both working for large organisations and in start-up environments. 

The ARVIEM AG recognized that with the advent of new technologies, it is possible to improve the status quo and bring transparency to how supply chains function after observing the inefficiencies in global supply chains, the emergence of security concerns following 9/11, and the lack of visibility and control, supply chain professionals had over the movement of goods globally. Since then, Arviem’s development has benefited greatly from its passion and industry knowledge. 

2. What goods or services does ARVIEM AG prioritise? How do your services differ from those offered by competitors? 

Arviem provides the increased visibility and transparency in supply networks that organisations seek. Real-time monitoring of the location and state of products in transit is done by Arviem. By offering an independent, real-time, end-to-end cargo monitoring and supply chain visibility service, we make the flow of goods and money in the supply chain transparent. 

Arviem provides clients with real-time data in customised management reports and real-time notifications while monitoring, analysing, and reporting on all aspects of cargo shipments. Clients are able to identify and address supply chain issues before they have a detrimental impact on business operations or customer satisfaction thanks to real-time updates on delays and disruptions. 

Supply chain professionals can make data-driven decisions to optimise their supply and logistics chains, improve working capital management, lower transport and demurrage costs, insurance premiums, administrative costs, and ensure product safety thanks to the vast amounts of data and management dashboards and reports generated by our cargo monitoring service. We also provide services for logistics emission monitoring, cargo security, and supply chain risk management.  

3. Services that are unique: 

The combination of the real-time data (produced by IoT sensors) and historical data that we gather through tracking the cargo is the basis of our whole service portfolio. We mix this data with those from other sources and use data analytics and machine learning to process it. In addition to our core services of supply chain visibility, cargo tracking, and condition monitoring, we also provide services for logistics carbon footprint monitoring, cargo security monitoring, and cargo monitoring on the New Silk Road. 

Our most recent offerings revolve around working capital optimisation and inventory financing. We help clients to optimise their financial and physical supply chains by making commodities in transit financeable by the many financial institutions with whom we partner since we can give traceability from container doors closing to doors opening. 

In contrast to our rivals, Arviem provides customers with a comprehensive, worry-free service that enables them to track all of their international shipments, regardless of the mode of transportation or the logistics service provider, on a single platform. A comprehensive view of all shipments is provided by Arviem’s services. We stand out from the competitors because to our service ecosystem.  

4. Please describe your team to us. 

The future of logistics and supply chains, according to Stefan Reidy, CEO of Arviem AG, will be data-driven and “smart,” with enhanced supply chain performance and risk management as a given. 

Therefore, the CEO is assisting the sector and their clients in this transformation along with his staff. Three researchers made up the first team; over time, consultants, software developers, logistics managers, operations managers, technology specialists, etc. were added. The team collaborates to enhance decision-making by providing supply chain and logistics experts with sophisticated, predictive, and prescriptive data. 

5. What have been your company’s major accomplishments? 

Enjoy the service provided by ARVIEM AG to its customers, which includes shippers, importers, and exporters, on a pay-as-you-use basis.  ARVIEM AG provides extra consulting regarding routing, transport scheduling, event and risk analysis, carbon footprint, or working capital management based on analysis of an all-inclusive charge based monitored shipments. 

Clients experience quantifiable advantages in a variety of contexts: 

  • Inventory management: effective use of materials 
  • Product Quality: Remedial Actions  
  • Customer service: from anticipatory knowledge to predictability. 
  • Security – and the capacity to lower related costs 
  • Automated, data-rich reporting, monitoring, and preventative measures for compliance and regulation Insurance 

The adaptability and global accessibility of Arviem’s solution will also give the chance to leverage the investment by monitoring other forms of transport, such as trucks and trains, down to the level of individual pallets, in addition to the initial container-monitoring market sector. 

More than 200 clients and partners have joined us throughout the years, demonstrating our significance as a world leader in the supply chain sector. The pandemic and related supply chain disruptions in recent years have presented the supply chain industry with enormous problems. In these challenging times, ARVIEM AG continued to concentrate on global expansion, product diversification, and strategic development and could support organisations by offering the essential supply chain visibility. This recognition suggests that we are moving in the correct way. 

6. Do you have any memorable client experiences you could share? 

Client First Experience 

A large supermarket in the USA receives its sweets from a Chinese confectionery producer. After incurring production costs and approximately two months of transportation, the supplier is still subject to 120-day payment terms before being paid. This is difficult because money that could be utilised to meet upcoming orders and boost ARVIEM AG’s expansion is instead held hostage in outbound supply chains for around six months. Small businesses in China have limited or expensive access to traditional bank funding (bank credit lines have annual interest rates over 10%). 

The supplier has real-time visibility over his shipments by using the ARVIEM AG service, and he also receives payment for the orders around 5 months sooner than before. The direct connection to the Swiss financial market and the private investors through the FinTech ecosystem paid off, with an annualised all-in-one fee of around 7.5% of the invoice value. Since shortening payment times is less important with the external finance, this also makes opportunity for pricing talks with the client. 

Customer Experience 2 

Recently, we collaborated with a customer to reduce demurrage charges. The client purchased 20 days of unrestricted time in the Angolan port. They learned that they do not truly require this because their containers are leaving the port much faster by tracking the position and state of their shipments in real-time. By relying on the data that had accumulated in Arviem’s management dashboard, the client was able to modify its planning data and improve pickup planning. They may reduce the cost of demurrage by up to $100,000 per year by streamlining their procedures. 

Overall, a company’s total logistics expenses are reduced by an average of 10% when using Arviem’s services. 

“Customers can track all of their international shipments on one platform, regardless of the mode of transit or the logistics service provider, thanks to Arviem’s comprehensive, worry-free solution.” 

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