Sharpe Consulting, LLC- Releasing Business Value While Reducing Cyber Risk.  

Sharpe Consulting, LLC- Releasing Business Value | Mr. Business Magazine

The rate of technological advancement is accelerating.  More than at any other point in human history, there is a chance now to create corporate value through new revenue streams, new markets, and new business models. That value cannot be unlocked by the technology alone. It is what you surround it with in terms of people and procedures.  

It also takes a thorough grasp of cyber governance to unlock that benefit while reducing your cyber risk. You need a group with experience. Ever witnessed an Olympian compete without a coach? 

Here, Sharpe Consulting steps in to help. 

“Everything we do is designed to drive value and improve your life,” says Sharpe Consulting. 

In March 2022, Sharpe Consulting will mark their 21st anniversary. Since its beginning, the team has served customers in more than 20 nations, on all continents but Antarctica. Most of Sharpe Consulting’s customers have been Global 1000 companies. The amount of work they undertake with smaller businesses and the government has increased over the last few years. They have taken part in over 20 M&A transactions, completing due diligence, sourcing deals, and performing Post Merger Integration (PMI), in addition to their primary work in Cyber Governance and Digital Transformation. Due to their background, Sharpe Consulting is frequently drawn into difficult programme management and large-scale systems integration. 

To work at high levels and provide considerable value, this calls for a special combination of business, operational, and technological talents.  Enterprises on six continents have received successful deliveries from the Sharpe team. 

Success depends on maintaining a concentrate on completing tasks and bolstering businesses.  Engagements are successful because of a multidisciplinary strategy and local expertise gleaned from years of experience. 

The majority of Sharpe Consulting’s clients are Fortune 500 companies, while they occasionally work with start-ups, middle-market companies, and the government.   

The obstacles that laid the groundwork for success 

You encounter your fair share of difficulties with each step you take towards achievement. Most individuals avoid them by circling around them, but the majority choose the most creative approach and move on. You can see the glory standing right in front of you, thus the most important thing is to keep going forward no matter what.  

Alex Sharpe faced difficulties prior to founding Sharpe Consulting. In his own words, Alex launched Sharpe Consulting by accident. He had left the field to deal with a death in the family and take a break when a close friend of his persuaded him to take a part-time consulting job. 

Work began to come in when he dipped his toe into the water and assisted others in developing through his knowledge. shortly after the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Centre. His coworkers started reaching out to him for assistance in improving their security and resilience designs. And at that point, Sharpe Consulting began to take shape. 

Their Services and Products- 

Essentially, Sharpe Consulting provides four services.- 

It’s simple; the company did this before it was hip and fashionable. They have been doing this for a long time and have accumulated a wealth of practical experience.   

“We prioritise generating business value,” 

“I recall a few years ago when we were requested to lead a business transformation, a vice president was perplexed since we began the dialogue by attempting to grasp their financials and organisational dynamics – revenue streams, margins, backlog, cost structures, and the like. He truly believed that I would concentrate on procedure and technology. I told him that until it is in line with the business, none of it counts.  I received a bear hug from him as he emerged from behind his desk. 

Technological Mind-Shaping: The Long-Term Success of Sharpe Consulting 

Alex conducted a client survey a few years ago to see what the company performed well and where they could improve. To his astonishment, the clients stated that the team’s commitment to following through on their promises was what they valued most. 

Looking back, that makes sense. The company was formed on two guiding ideas by Alex. The client is the protagonist in the first place. It has nothing to do with telling a client what they want to hear or who we have on the bench. Being sincere and open-minded is important.  There is work for clients to be done. The group’s constant goal must be completion.  The second is generating business value. Yes, there is cutting-edge technology and original thinking. They present chances. In order to create value, it’s important to have a firm grasp of the technology, the people, and the process. 

Customer Experiences Of  

Only create something that people will buy. 

A Thomas Edison. 

Sharpe has developed a reputable clientele thanks to their dynamic working style and the team’s unequalled attention to their work. From Sharpe Consulting’s Compliance and Governance to Forensics and Litigation Support services, they have consistently received excellent reviews. Here are some noteworthy client encounters.  

Electronic Transformation 

Engaged by a publicly traded Sharpe Consulting to restructure operations in North America for one of its subsidiaries in order to promote a novel, one-of-a-kind product. 

As a result, the operational costs were decreased by $2 million yearly while the current portfolio was reconciled and the first product of its kind was launched. 

A highly well-known company hired us to enhance its operational and financial reporting benchmarks. 

As a result, reporting was cut down from three days to only one. Created field-based real-time operational dashboards. A case study was created by Thomson Reuters. 

A highly well-known brand hired me to assist in turning around a struggling business segment. 

The company unit was transferred, and it became profitable within nine months. 

Analyzed the sector for the Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) professional society to identify the gap between clients and digital agencies.  

Result: Aided the digital agencies in understanding what is required to boost sales and retain customers.  The main takeaway was that CMOs believed that the digital agencies did not spend enough time learning about their company. 

Internet governing 

Sharpe Consulting has been hired by the global subsidiary of a publicly traded company to achieve GDPR compliance. 

As a result, process enhancements, data cataloguing, and the move of corporate applications to the Cloud were all part of the remediation. 

Conducted a security assessment of the upscale medical treatment offered. 

As a result, it was decided that, given the importance of their data, Cyber Hygiene was insufficient. developed a plan for cyber governance and put suggestions into practise. enlarge the range of stakeholders to include public relations, marketing, and legal. Prior to the COVID lock down, they were safe and getting ready for Work from Home (WFH). 

An internal audit of a well-known company was unsuccessful. The Board of Directors hired Sharpe after trying to fix the problem internally for months with little success. 

As a result, we took the initiative to complete the remediation in time for the external audit. 

Data mapping and pre-assessment were completed for a business guru getting ready for the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC). 

As a result, we were able to clarify what Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) is through collaboration with government and business organisations. Sharpe finished the data mapping, carried out the pre-assessment, and noted areas that needed improvement. 

Commissioned by Global 1000 Sharpe Consulting to do forensic investigation and due diligence for an ongoing legal dispute with a significant product vendor. 

As a result, both internal and outside counsel used the findings to successfully negotiate a settlement. 

Acquisitions and mergers. 

Engaged by a private equity firm to analyse the market and assess potential investments.  

As a result of the firm taking our advice and investing $100 million, their investors received a sizable return. 

A boutique services company hired them to get ready for a prospective takeover. 

Result: By spotting “Rembrandts in the attack” and creating a post-merger integration (PMI) strategy, they were bought for above average valuation in a depressed market. 

Results and worth speak louder than anything else. 

Leading the Way: Alex Sharpe  

“To advance the ball. It’s challenging to run your own business. It’s terrifying and risky. The most respected businesspeople are those who adapt and evolve. 

Although CEOs’ methods of operation and methods of communicating with stakeholders are evolving, the role itself has not altered significantly. The task is more difficult. 

For instance, allocating capital has always been a crucial responsibility of the CEO. The distribution of human capital is under more scrutiny. ESG is a another excellent example. Many are encouraging their employees to go beyond their comfort zones and incorporating ESG into their company strategy. Sadly, many people don’t communicate well enough outside of the organisation. Market dynamics and customer perceptions favour businesses that communicate a strong ESG approach. 

Alex is an operationally savvy management consultant with Big 4 training. Built procedures at reputable companies (Booz Allen, KPMG). I also led $60M P&L & delivered to clients in over 20 countries, launched two start-ups (Hackett Group, eForce), one of which had a successful exit, and took part in over 20 M&A deals. 

You could say that I worked in the fields of digital transformation and cyber security before they were hip. 

20 years ago, I received an unauthorized call. KPMG wanted to make a major splash in the field of digital transformation. At the time, it was known as eBusiness. KPMG sought a candidate with domain expertise, experience with traditional construction methods, and knowledge of cutting-edge cyber security. The executive recruiter received a referral for Alex from a coworker. What follows is history.” 

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