Whatsapp revamps its under-development Chat Filters

Under-development Chat Filters Revamps by Whatsapp | Mr. Business Magazine

As one of the world’s most popular instant messaging apps, WhatsApp constantly strives to update its features to compete with rival services like Telegram. In July, the company began testing chat filters on the homescreen, providing users with a convenient way to categorize their chats. A new beta version of WhatsApp has recently refined these filters, particularly in terms of identifying group and individual chats.

Renaming and Refining Chat Filters

The initial July beta release featured four filters: Unread, Personal, Business, and All chats. In the latest beta version (v2.23.19.7) for Android, these filters remain but have been renamed to provide greater specificity. The All and Unread filters remain unchanged, while Personal and Business have been replaced with Contacts and Groups filters. This renaming is particularly significant because it separates group and community chats from one-on-one conversations.

The Future of WhatsApp’s Filters

The removal of the Business filter raises questions about its potential return in future releases. These updated filters are not yet available on all devices, even in version, indicating that this feature is still in the early stages of development. Despite this, the refined design of the chat filters suggests promising improvements, with users hoping for a stable version release soon. Interested users can access WhatsApp beta version through the Play Store or APKMirror to explore these newly updated chat filters.

WhatsApp’s Evolving Competitive Landscape

WhatsApp has historically lagged behind apps like Telegram but is making efforts to catch up. The previous Android beta version (v hinted at the development of a Discord-style general group chat for communities, allowing users to engage in discussions on various topics without overwhelming other groups they belong to.

Communities are a relatively recent addition to WhatsApp, with the company introducing a new user interface and revised messaging last month to encourage users to explore this supercharged group chat feature. While not groundbreaking, it positions WhatsApp as a stronger competitor against apps like Telegram and Discord, offering enhanced privacy features to protect users’ personal information within communities.

Key Takeaways:

  • In its latest beta version, WhatsApp is revamping its chat filters, providing users with more precise options by renaming them as Contacts and Groups.
  • These redesigned filters appear to be more polished and could potentially launch in the near future. However, the return of the Business filter remains uncertain.
  • WhatsApp Communities offer a consolidated group chat experience, allowing users to effortlessly stay connected with several favorite groups from a single, convenient location.

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