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An entrepreneur is constantly searching for opportunities or ideas to launch a business, thus it is not necessary to wait for an issue or an idea to arise before launching a firm. There are many existing industries and fields where one can launch a business or start-up. A business or start-up is not only responsible for supplying the market with new and innovative goods and services, but also for making the already existing goods and services more effective, accessible, and scalable. Real estate has been one of the most popular industries ever.

No matter where they are in life or in time, people are constantly looking for a place to live, work, invest in, etc. This ensures that real estate will always be on the table and provide profits for investors. What if there was a method to establish a real estate business online without having to deal with the trouble of physically opening one and other connected issues? The primary concerns revolve around managing a real estate office, the manpower, and other tiresome activities.

One of the top and only virtual real estate franchises is 1st Class Real Estate. They provide cutting-edge services because they are a virtual real estate franchise with more than 50 locations. They have the luxury of having a virtual office infrastructure, which saves them the money, time, and effort of maintaining a physical office, managing a staff, and keeping track of expenses, income, etc.

They are giving everyone who is interested in starting a business venture and is waiting for the right time and the right idea an opportunity in addition to providing a ground-breaking service because, in reality, it is all about the start and once the ship sets sail, ideas and other opportunities come along the way. The people can reach out and join their virtual brand and become the bosses of their own businesses thanks to the success of 1st Class Real Estate in its industry.

In a discussion with Rhyan Finch, the company’s founder and CEO. Learn more about the one and only virtual Real Estate franchise, their products, and the CEO’s career path.

Tell us about 1st Class Real Estate, the difficulties it first faced, and the elements that helped the business expand.

We are the only Virtual Real Estate Franchise in the Real Estate industry. We began franchising in April 2019 and will have 50 offices operational by April 2021. Change lives while selling a few houses along the road is one of our company’s mottos. We had such a novel strategy in the world of real estate franchises, and not many people were aware of us. One of the difficulties was getting our message out there and making sure it was heard and understood.

Finding those who were as driven as I was was a turning moment in the company’s expansion. I sought for those who had a strong desire to start a franchise. We have established 50 franchises in 2.3 years. Since the opening of our first franchise in April 2019, we have experienced amazing growth. In ten years, I’m interested to watch how 1st Class Franchising develops. God has gifted me with a distinct mission and vision, and this has enabled me to continue to succeed.

Tell us about the services provided by the online real estate franchise, any recent additions, and how these services keep up with modern demands:

We are the first virtual real estate franchise and we provide a cap 100% model. You can start a real estate firm without having employees or an office. We are the only virtual real estate franchise, as I mentioned earlier. You don’t need employees or office space to create a franchise with us. Everything is potentially virtual. Our internal staff members work out of our Resource Centre, which also gives out 1st Class stuff to franchisees and agents as well as marketing materials and lead generation assistance.

Finding those who were as driven as I was was a turning moment in the company’s expansion.

R. Y. Finch

We base our choice on customer demands and criticism we’ve heard from other franchisees and agencies. I enjoy reading the comments and constantly consider what I would like.

Tell us about your career history.

I founded 1st Class Franchising and 1st Class Real Estate, and I am their broker and owner. In Virginia Beach, I joined a well-known franchise company as a licenced real estate agent in 2005, and my career rapidly took off as I added more than 100 listings to the market after spotting a niche in short sales. I earned certifications in short sales, foreclosures, and distressed properties. I achieved remarkable success as a rookie agent and was awarded the Re/Max International 100% Club in 2007 and 2008.

I promoted myself in 2008 and established The Rhyan Finch Real Estate Team, my real estate team. I started out with just myself as an agent, but within a short period of time, I had grown to 5 agents. I understood what was happening with the real estate market at the time, and when the bust hit, I quickly developed a reputation as an authority on foreclosed homes. After combining forces with my sister Rhendi, I had pushed his newly discovered real estate career in a collapsing market to the top team in Hampton Roads in five years.

The team expanded in 2012 and sold over 900 houses. As a result, the Wall Street Journal ranked them as the #7 Real Estate Team in the US and the Realtor Association as the #1 Platinum Mega Team in Hampton Roads. After establishing a successful track record, I felt it was time for the group to grow and established 1st Class Real Estate, an independent real estate company based in Virginia Beach. 

As CEO and Principal Broker in 2020, the business is among the top 4% of real estate firms in the Hampton Roads region, with more than 700 agents and more than 50 sites globally. I have a proven track record of accomplishment for exponential growth thanks to my expertise and passion to succeed. Our purpose at 1st Class Real Estate is to “change lives and sell a few homes along the way” since I founded this business with the intention of changing lives.

Tell us about the atmosphere at 1st Class Real Estate and what you think about the market competitiveness.

I frequently ask myself what I would like. I consider it beneficial to have a work environment that is not overly serious. In order to prevent my workers from having any unanswered questions, I am very open and honest about everything that occurs.

We are not conditioned to believe that there is “competition” here. We feel as though we own it all and that they are in our territory. Although I wouldn’t call it a motivational element, I would say that we are aware of its impending arrival, which encourages us to work even more.

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