Observe as a billionaire attempts to engage in a game of Dungeons & Dragons with an AI version of Snoop Dogg.

Snoop Dogg: Observe as a billionaire attempts to engage in a game of Dungeons & Dragons with an AI version of Snoop Dogg | Mr. Business Magazine

During the Meta Connect 2023 Keynote on September 27, Mark Zuckerberg introduced a set of AI-driven chatbots, including one that portrays rapper Snoop Dogg as a Dungeon Master in a role-playing game. These chatbots are part of Meta’s latest offering, with 28 new bots, each represented by a well-known celebrity. For instance, tennis star Naomi Osaka embodies the persona of an anime superfan, while Mr. Beast takes on the role of “the big brother here for the jokes and banter, not the emotional stuff,” as indicated in a reveal trailer.

According to reports by The Verge, Meta’s primary chatbot assistant, Meta AI, is trained using a “custom-made” language model built upon Llama 2, Meta’s response to OpenAI’s ChatGPT model. Zuckerberg mentioned that, unlike Meta AI, these character bots generally do not have access to real-time information yet, although he didn’t specify the nature of their training data when asked for comment by Kotaku. It appears that these bots do not mimic the conversational patterns of the celebrities they represent, unlike musician Grimes’ Twitter bot, which closely mirrors her actual Twitter activity. Instead, these celebrity actors, described by Zuckerberg as “a bunch of pretty awesome people,” seem to contribute primarily to the visual aspects of the chatbots.

A Chat Between Zuckerberg & the Bot

Zuckerberg conducted a live demonstration with his Snoop Dogg chatbot, expressing his desire to continue the medieval narrative it had crafted. In response, the bot stated, “You gather your weapons and armor, ready to face whatever dangers lie ahead,” while an image of Snoop Dogg nodded in the top right corner, albeit somewhat incongruously. Zuckerberg humorously remarked, “I mean, who hasn’t wanted to play a text adventure game with Snoop Dogg?” He emphasized the “Dogg” in Snoop Dogg, all while the bot spun a generic questline involving a “mysterious elven rogue” and a “wise cleric.”

Mark Zuckerberg’s unveiling of these AI-based chatbots during the Meta Connect 2023 Keynote reflects a bold step toward exploring the intersection of artificial intelligence, entertainment, and celebrity culture. It showcases Meta’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation. Each bot is essentially a digital avatar, representing a celebrity persona, and while they may not replicate the precise conversational patterns of their real-life counterparts, they serve as an engaging and visually captivating addition to the Meta ecosystem.

These chatbots open up new possibilities for interactive storytelling and entertainment. By integrating celebrities into the gaming and chatbot experience, Meta aims to create immersive narratives that can capture the imagination of users. The example of Snoop Dogg as a Dungeon Master in a medieval quest is a testament to the creative potential of this technology. It invites users to step into a world of fantasy and adventure, guided by a familiar celebrity figure.

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