CXP Consulting- Pursuing The Future Of Your Business! 

CXP Consulting- Pursuing The Future Of Your Business! | Mr. Business Magazine

The consulting industry is expanding, and many renowned professionals and leaders are giving top-notch services. The businesses are in intense competition, therefore it comes down to whether one has the advantage and the market’s trust to become unstoppable. 

Many businesses and their executives are bewildered by the competition’s shifting trends, practises, and speed at which it adjusts and offers top-notch services to them. 

Although it may appear brutal, this really highlights the top players because the market is ultimately the best arbiter of any good or service. However, a company’s leadership, not its products, is what makes it successful. 

We discovered Tania (Riahi) Amar, the founder and CEO of CXP Consulting, during our quest for fascinating and extraordinarily skilled female entrepreneurs. 

In a personal conversation with Tania (Riahi) Amar. Let’s find out more about her business and her career path. 

What Do You Do at CXP Consulting, and What Prompted You to Found the Business? 

The team at CXP consulting mostly works with CEOs who want to take their business to the next level, whether they need to raise money, expand into new markets or countries, or introduce a new product. These CEOs are aware that developing a solid business strategy and successfully carrying it out are essential to leading a successful leap forward. 

Israel, known as the “Startup Nation” and home to one of the most thriving technological ecosystems, is where CXP Consulting is headquartered. Here, hundreds of MedTech businesses are developing cutting-edge, creative products with the potential to change the world and even save lives. 

Sadly, they fail much too frequently to have the extraordinary impact they deserve. Because of this, we felt compelled to take action and collaborate with these businesses to help them realise their full potential and change the world.  

Which Distinctive Services does CXP Consulting Provide? 

Taking the executive team on an engaging journey is how CXP Consulting typically intervenes.  

To fully understand where the company is in relation to market dynamics, competing or alternative solutions, and, most importantly, what is most important to their target customers, one must first complete the first part of the journey, called Assessment Benchmark.  

A full 360-degree perspective of the company, including its go-to-market strategy and execution, lead generation and conversion, sales execution, product, customer support, and more, is the result of this deep-dive examination. The customer receives a highly thorough set of strategic suggestions detailing where the company should concentrate its business efforts for the most impact after the first stage is complete. 

The second step focuses on how to turn the strategic advice into specific, doable, and proactive activities that will advance the business. The resources used here are drawn from the areas of specialisation of Alon Laor and I, the two founders of CXP Consulting. We provide decades of expertise in persuasive communication and storytelling. 

To create a comprehensive messaging book that will enable our clients to stand out in their crowded markets with compelling storytelling, we combine creativity and distinctive business acumen.  

Step 3, which is guided by Alon and is all about execution, then begins. 

His integration of the book of strategic messages into customer-facing teams and the provision of tools and strategies to enable them to use it to influence positive decisions through their contacts with customers is a significant objective. 

“I take the power of this ‘Content Engine’ down to the ground to meet reality and race forward at maximum efficiency and speed to reach the target,” Alon said. It all comes down to assembling the best “sales machine” and arming the team with the appropriate tools.   

T.O.P, which stands for Technics of Persuasion, is the name of the methodology that Alon is employing in this instance. It was exclusively developed by CXP Consulting. 

Engineering of Persuasion (T.O.P.TM): Putting brainpower techniques to work for persuasion 

People constantly “sell” and “negotiate” with prospects, clients, coworkers, and management. 

Despite the fact that persuasion is a “Science” with tried-and-true methods and tactics, most people still rely on their gut instinct and feelings during commercial talks. 

People frequently become frustrated when they try to understand why their message failed to reach the desired audience and their competitors chose a different strategy. 

The human brain is known to have a large number of activation areas and countless “shortcuts.” This information is used by negotiators (and mentalists…) to persuade others to think and act along the lines they ‘draw’ in order to significantly boost the success ratio of their influence on others. 

T.O.P.TM covers the full spectrum of persuasion techniques, including body language analysis, behavioural “cold-reading,” and, of course, handling resistance. These techniques range from using “power/magic words and phrases” according to neurolinguistic patterns to innovative and successful negotiation strategies (including “planting thoughts”). 

Every person can dramatically boost their persuasive power and communication efficacy using T.O.P.TM techniques – for any (ethical) reason. 

The general down-to-earth approach and dedication to tangible outcomes are undoubtedly the reasons why CXP consulting is well-known in the industry and frequently contacted by its clients for more projects.  

Describe the CXP Consulting Team.

After more than two decades of executive experience in the corporate and venture capital sectors, I founded CXP Consulting. I was the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of numerous multibillion-dollar high-tech companies, including NICE Systems (the #1 high-tech company in Israel, valued at $17B), Click Software (bought by Salesforce in 2019 at $1.5B), and JVP Venture Capital (managing $1.4B of funding), to name a few.  

Alon Laor is an executive sales leader that focuses on using direct, remote, and channel sales to market technical products and services to complicated, worldwide contexts. 

Alon had top management positions in both startups (some of which resulted in IPOs and acquisitions) and established global hi-tech companies (DEC/Compaq/HP/Comverse/Infosys). Alon has led strategic sales to Fortune 100 businesses as well as SMBs. He has developed a unique background in enterprise sales, both face-to-face and remotely. 

The T.O.P TM (Techniques Of Persuasion) approach was developed by Alon to aid those in customer-facing roles in more effectively conveying their messages, persuading others, closing deals, and achieving their objectives. 

Share Some Noteworthy Accomplishments and Any Client Experiences.

establishing a methodology that, over time, has shown to assist many businesses in their business transformation (spin-off, IPO, raising funds, entering a new market, launching new products, after or before M&As, pivoting, etc.), regardless of the industry, enabling them to have a bigger impact on the world. It just WORKS! 

One of the most motivating customers in 2021 was a business involved in cancer detection. The management team’s humility in realising it was time to seek outside assistance after they had already achieved extraordinary achievement was probably the project’s most impressive initial feature. 

I and Alon felt particularly compelled to assist this company’s international expansion because of their individual experiences with cancer. Here, the branding strategy and benchmark analysis were the main points of emphasis. These kinds of endeavours give us a wonderful feeling of direction and enthusiasm to carry on with our commercial endeavours.    

Setoo, an Insurtech firm that came out of the European-based Kamet startup studio and offered parametric insurance solutions to e-commerce operators, was another impressive client. CXP Consulting had the chance to first lay the groundwork for their arsenal of strategic marketing tools: branding (which included coming up with their name! 

The word “C’est tout!” in French serves as the inspiration for Setoo, which also serves as the basis for its internet presence, sales presentations, and investment kit. CXP Consulting was retained by Setoo for specific initiatives after the well-known insurance company AXA contributed to their initial financing round. To become the global leader in embedded insurance, Setoo and Pattern Insurance united in 2021. They each raised $25 million.  

The CEO of Setoo contacted CXP Consulting once more to drive the merger from a branding and combined value proposition perspective. “We continued our relationship with Setoo up until quite recently. We enjoy working with this team and are grateful for their loyalty, which has allowed us to return whenever they require us during significant junctures in the business’s life cycle, adds Tania. 

Which Quotation is Your Favourite? 

The consumer experience must come first, and then the technology, and so on. from Steve Jobs. 

This potent sentence served as the foundation for the company’s name. Alon and I agree that this brilliant and tried-and-true advice should be followed by any tech executive or business owner. It undoubtedly motivates us to provide their clientele around the world more power. 

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