Trik- Making The Third Dimension Revolutionary!

Trik- Making The Third Dimension Revolutionary! | Mr. Business Magazine

Entrepreneurs are without a doubt today’s thought leaders and tomorrow’s role models, but most importantly, they hold the key to the future. Companies produce exceptional and distinctive products/services that improve life and technology as a whole due of their creativity and class apart thinking.

We encountered again another visionary, businessperson, and leader. The company Trik was started by Pae (Utoomprurkporn) Natwilai. Trik is software for structural inspection that uses drones to map and report in 3D. Pae is unquestionably a fantastic example of an entrepreneur and is poised to take home the title of most entrepreneurial woman of the year!

Let’s learn more about Trik, its offerings, and Pae’s career path.

Tell us about the Trik and what made you decide to found the business.

Trik is a programme for structural inspection using drone data analytics. It functions similarly to a Google Map, however it is 3D and only for buildings. Trik uses several photos to build a digital 3D model of the building, allowing you to easily save, search for, and analyse this data in 3D. 

Being able to save and search for pertinent information regarding the region I’m working on has always been a pain point for me as an inspection and maintenance engineer. I used to work in the oil and gas sector at a location with a spotty internet connection that is in the middle of the ocean.

Before using a helicopter to get at the destination, you must carefully prepare everything. This implies that in order to plan what I’ll need when I’m there, I’ll need to sift through decades’ worth of images and reports. Finding images of the neighbourhood and locating the section of the monthly reports pertaining to the area you are interested in can be very challenging because everything is organised into a folder structure. 

Why can’t we store digital information about structures in 3D if the actual structures in the world are in 3D? I made the decision to develop that technology on my own out of frustration (and that of many of my coworkers).

What goods or services does the business prioritise? How do your services differ from those offered by competitors?

The fundamental feature of our solution is that in addition to allowing you to construct a digital 3D model from drone photos, you can also utilise those models as a folder system to store data and visualise development over time. 

Anywhere on the 3D model can be clicked to search for certain photos. For instance, if a drone is used to survey a small 8-story structure, you can end up with more than 2,000 images of similar-looking windows and facades.

Since the GPS that is included in each photo is not precise enough to distinguish between images taken from the third floor and the fourth story, it is exceedingly difficult to determine where each image was taken. With Trik, you may quickly view each image of the window you’re interested in by clicking on the 3D model.

It is much simpler to compare what you created with the design, to compare the progress on your building site every day, and to track deuteriations of the structure over time in 3D thanks to Trik’s AI technology, which can automatically recognise any change in 3D.

Please describe your team to us.

We have a fantastic team of 7 people, including experts in drones, real-time 3D mapping, computer vision, artificial intelligence (AI), system architecture, UX/UI designers, and technical support. 

Please provide us a brief overview of your professional background. 

My profession is mechanical engineering. Before deciding to broaden my expertise and study Innovation design as a spin-out of my master’s degree, I worked as an inspection and maintenance engineer in the Oil and Gas industry. 

What have been your company’s major accomplishments?

Since I launched my company, we have received numerous honours and have been extensively covered in global news. In addition to being named one of the Top 100 BAME leaders affecting the tech industry (Financial Times, 2019) and the Top 100 Asian stars in UK tech list (Asian in Tech, 2021), I was chosen as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 for the year of 2018.

We were featured in numerous national and international media outlets, including Bloomsburg, the Financial Times, the Huffington Post, and BBC Business Live Morning News. Additionally, Insight Success, 2018 chose us as one of the Top 10 Most Innovative Aviation and Aerospace Solution Providers.

Which quotation is your favourite?

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you will land among the stars.

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