Nader Masadeh: Soaring High with Strategic Franchise Leadership

Nader Masadeh Soaring High with Strategic Franchise Leadership Mr. Business Magazine

In the field of franchise business, many leaders stand at the forefront, embodying consistency in core principles while driving evolution in execution and measurement strategies. Effective communication, steadfast dedication to franchise relationships, and robust business and support models have long been fundamental to their approach. However, in response to technological advancements and shifting communication norms, some of them recognize the imperative of swift and efficient communication.

Nader Masadeh (Owner and Chief Executive Officer of Wings and Rings, formerly known as Buffalo Wings & Rings ) is one of those franchise leaders who places equal emphasis on strategy and execution to sustain the franchise’s prosperity. Under his guidance, the franchise not only upholds its core values but also adapts dynamically to meet the evolving demands of the market, ensuring enduring success.

From Dishwasher to Franchise CEO

Nader Masadeh’s first foray into the restaurant business was at Burger King during high school, where he started as a dishwasher. He continued in fast food throughout high school and college. Later, his father bought a Gold Star Chili franchise, and Nader worked there during and after college. In 2004, they had to close the restaurant because the landlord sold the building. They reopened with a Wings and Rings franchise, marking a turning point for Nader, who then decided to leave the corporate world for entrepreneurship. He eventually acquired the franchise, which only had four restaurants at the time, starting his entrepreneurial journey.

Nader Masadeh strives to glean insights from every leader he encounters, drawing fresh inspiration from those whose leadership he admires. His fascination with diverse leadership styles stems from reading about innovative methods of steering companies. Upon assuming the CEO position at Wings and Rings, Nader was fortunate to have a mentor in the retired CEO and chairman of a highly prosperous pizza brand in Cincinnati, his hometown. Under this mentor’s guidance, Nader absorbed valuable lessons in servant leadership, which he seamlessly incorporated into his approach as CEO.

Recipe for Employee and Brand Success

Being the CEO of Wings and Rings, Nader Masadeh’s responsibilities involve selecting the right talent and ensuring they possess the necessary resources for personal and brand success. Continuously seeking avenues to push the team forward is a priority. He sees it as his duty to uphold a robust culture and effectively communicate it throughout the organization while preserving the unique brand qualities that distinguish them from competitors. 

Each day, Nader Masadeh endeavors to lead by demonstration, address challenges as they arise, and imbue team members with the same enthusiasm for the brand that drives him. Nader’s significant accomplishments include forging alliances with the right individuals throughout his career. However, he takes the greatest pride in the dedication of the franchisees and employees within his brand, who consistently deliver the exceptional experiences customers anticipate. He regards them as the primary drivers behind the brand’s success.

Striking the Work-Life Balance

Nader Masadeh acknowledges the challenge of leadership and emphasizes personal engagement to overcome it. He conducts regular meetings with executives and utilizes various channels to connect with franchise owners and employees. Leveraging technology, he ensures consistent communication and training across all locations, prioritizing the dissemination of the brand’s culture and values throughout the system. His enthusiasm for sharing the culture and values of Wings and Rings shines through in every interaction, whether with franchise owners, restaurant staff, vendors, or suppliers. He believes that constant communication is key to permeating the culture throughout the entire system.

Nader Masadeh prefers to start his workday at 9:30 AM, often completing tasks at home beforehand. While he adheres to a specific schedule, he maintains flexibility for spontaneous activities and discussions throughout the day. Although he occasionally socializes with the team outside of the office, such as during happy hours, business dinners, or golf outings, he ensures a balanced approach to maintain a strong work-life equilibrium for everyone.

Nader’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs: 
To seize opportunities, but with thorough preparation and research.To be knowledgeable, courageous, and well-prepared for success.Treating others with respect.Moral integrity, pursuit of excellence, and serving others. To support others in achieving goals and dreams.Extending a helping hand to those who come after, once success is achieved.

Emphasizing the importance for business leaders to continuously monitor industry trends, Nader stays ahead of the curve. He encourages  our franchisees to observe and ask questions proactively. Additionally, Nader Masadeh recognizes the necessity of knowing when to pivot if a strategy isn’t yielding the desired results. He highlights the advantage of Wings and Rings being a highly adaptable company, enabling quick adjustments when needed.

Uniting People through Sports at Wings and Rings

Established in 1984, Wings and Rings is a worldwide restaurant chain founded on a straightforward concept: uniting people through sports. Offering a Club-Level Sports Restaurant and Bar experience, Wings and Rings prides itself on its Chef-Inspired Recipes, Crave Worthy Wings and Rings and Club Level Services. The company values teamwork, making a positive impact on others, and fostering a fun atmosphere.

Wings and Rings presents a chef-curated menu featuring an array of irresistible offerings, such as chicken wings, onion rings, burgers, salads, and a diverse selection of sauces. Committed to providing a welcoming atmosphere, the restaurant embodies “My Place Service,” ensuring customers feel at ease and at home during their visit. With a focus on friendliness, accuracy, efficiency, and consistency, Wings and Rings aims to create a warm and inviting experience reminiscent of home.

Service excellence and continuous evolution serve as pivotal factors in Wings and Rings’ achievements. Bolstered by a devoted customer following, delectable cuisine, and an engaging business concept, the restaurant’s expansion into franchising was a logical progression. Nonetheless, adapting to the dynamic preferences and demands of guests remains paramount. Wings and Rings emphasizes collaboration and open communication as essential for overcoming crises. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the company devised a three-part strategy to assist franchisees: surviving the challenge, rebounding swiftly, and boosting sales and expansion post-pandemic. This approach facilitated the rapid adaptation of business models to the evolving circumstances.

The Birth of THE NBL CKN Brand

In 2019, Wings and Rings created THE NBL CKN brand, drawing upon its 40-year legacy in the chicken industry since 1984. Unlike many other chicken tender and sandwich chains, THE NBL CKN benefits from decades of chicken expertise. Inspired by his experiences participating in a local Cincinnati “Queen Of The Wing” contest, Nader Masadeh conceived THE NBL CKN concept. He felt that the perception of Wings and Rings as a chain may have hindered its recognition compared to local concepts. Drawing from the tagline “Great Food. No Bull.” of Wings and Rings, “No Bull” served as the inspiration for “Noble” in The Noble Chicken.

Wings and Rings is currently exploring the possibility of testing THE NBL CKN in a strip center endcap before potentially franchising the model in the future. It’s important to note that this is not yet a franchise and a Franchise Disclosure Document has not been created yet, so please stay tuned for updates. Below are some frequently asked questions:
What is THE NBL CKN?
THE NBL CKN, or “The Noble Chicken,” would introduce a new fast-casual concept featuring chicken sandwiches, tenders, salads and side items.
Why consider THE NBL CKN franchise in the future?
This is more than just another chicken concept; with roots dating back to 1984, it brings extensive chicken expertise (Powered By: Wings and Rings). Additionally, investing in THE NBL CKN offers a lower-cost opportunity with significant growth potential, focusing on bold flavors, service, convenience, simplicity, and a focus on unit economics right from the start.

Wings and Rings has numerous new restaurants currently under construction and scheduled to open within the next year. This expansion brings great excitement, particularly as it introduces Wings and Rings to untapped markets across the country. With a steadfast commitment to setting themselves apart within the industry, the company is dedicated to providing a “club-level” sports restaurant experience.

The team remains focused on innovation, continually seeking ways to enhance the menu with new Limited-Time Offers (LTOs) and menu items. Leveraging technology, the company strives to optimize all aspects of the dining experience. Moreover, it is exploring innovative marketing strategies to engage with its loyal Wings and Rings fans. Supporting franchisees in achieving success remains a top priority as they work towards the goal of reaching more than 100 units.

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