Nordstrom Family Explores Going Private Again, Forms Committee to Evaluate Bids

Nordstrom Family Explores Going Private Again, Forms Committee to Evaluate Bids

Nordstrom Family Privatization Consideration:

The Nordstrom family has revived discussions about taking the iconic department store private, announcing the formation of a special committee to assess potential bids. According to a news release, CEO Erik Nordstrom and President Pete Nordstrom have expressed interest in pursuing a privatization deal for the 123-year-old retailer. In response to their proposal, the company’s board of directors has established a special committee comprising independent and disinterested directors tasked with evaluating bids from the Nordstrom brothers and external parties.

Evaluation Process and Shareholder Value:

Emphasizing its commitment to enhancing shareholder value, Nordstrom’s board underscores the importance of ensuring that any potential bids align with the company’s best interests. The special committee will rigorously evaluate the proposals to determine their feasibility and potential benefits for Nordstrom and its stakeholders. However, the department store cautions that the outcome remains uncertain, emphasizing that there is no guarantee that a deal will materialize or gain approval.

Previous Attempts and Current Industry Challenges:

This recent development follows Nordstrom’s previous flirtation with privatization in 2017, when private-equity firm Leonard Green & Partners came close to finalizing a deal that ultimately collapsed. At that time, management sought privatization as a means to navigate the evolving retail landscape without the pressures of public scrutiny. The announcement coincides with ongoing challenges facing department stores amid shifting consumer preferences and declining sales. With brands increasingly prioritizing direct-to-consumer channels, department stores like Nordstrom are grappling with the need to adapt their business models to remain competitive.

In response to the news, Nordstrom’s shares experienced a modest uptick in extended trading, reflecting investor optimism surrounding the potential privatization efforts. However, the company acknowledges the complexities involved in such a decision and remains focused on evaluating all options to drive long-term value for its shareholders.

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