Microsoft ends Support for Original Surface Duo

Microsoft ends Support for Original Surface Duo | Mr. Business Magazine

In October 2019, Microsoft unveiled its ambitious dual-screen mobile devices, the Original Surface Duo and Surface Neo. While the Neo was eventually canceled, the Surface Duo made its way to the market in September 2020. This article delves into the recent development where Microsoft has officially ceased support for the original Surface Duo, exploring the background, its troubled history, and the device’s significance within the tech community.

The Expected End of Support

The decision to terminate support for the original Surface Duo was not entirely unexpected. Microsoft had previously outlined a three-year support plan for the device, encompassing both Android OS updates and security patches. As of September 10, 2023, this timeframe has expired, bringing the official end of life for the Surface Duo.

A Rocky Journey for Original Surface Duo

The Original Surface Duo’s journey has been marked by highs and lows. Initially launched with Android 10, it encountered delays in receiving Android 11, finally obtaining the update in 2022. It also managed to acquire Android 12L, but this would be the last official update it received. One of the primary challenges it faced was its premium price tag of $1,400, which deterred potential customers, leading to substantial discounts over time.

A Cult Following in the Developer Community

Despite its struggles in the consumer market, the Original Surface Duo found an unexpected niche among the homebrew software development community. Enthusiastic developers took up the challenge of running advanced operating systems like Android 13, unreleased Windows 10X, and even Windows 11 on the device. This highlighted the device’s untapped potential and flexibility, despite its discontinuation.

The Successor and Future Prospects

The Surface Duo 2 succeeded its predecessor, offering notable improvements, but it too faced a lukewarm reception. However, it will continue to receive OS updates and security patches until October 21, 2024, unlike the original Surface Duo. There are also rumors about the next iteration of the Surface Duo, which may abandon the hinge design in favor of a more traditional foldable format, although Microsoft has yet to confirm any specifications.

Microsoft’s decision to end support for the original Surface Duo marks the end of an era for the dual-screen Android device. Despite its limitations and rocky history, it has left a mark in the developer community, highlighting its potential for innovation. With the Surface Duo 2 in the market and potential changes on the horizon, it will be intriguing to see how Microsoft evolves its approach to dual-screen and foldable devices in the future.

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